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Dec 1, 2010
The Reinvention of Edgar Kaiser Jr.

During the 1980s, you couldn’t avoid the bespectacled face of Edgar Kaiser in newspapers and magazines. CEO of Kaiser Resources and the Bank of B.C. Owner of the Vancouver Whitecaps and Denver Broncos. Standard-bearer of the famous Kaiser family. Then he disappeared.

May 3, 2010
9 Tips for Writing Your Will

How to approach the family politics and complications around dividing your estate and writing a will. 1. Don’t procrastinate. Make a will and decide who to trust with your power of attorney. Involve that person in your planning. 2. Break the code of silence surrounding the family cash. Communicate effectively with your children about family finances and what they can realistically expect from you.

Mar 24, 2009
Surviving the Cut

• Strive to stay productive. According to a December 2008 study by U.S. leadership and research firm Leadership IQ, 74 per cent of employees who have survived layoffs say their productivity has dropped. So be careful: getting slack could make you a target. • Never wait for the other shoe to...

Mar 24, 2009
Pink Slip Survival Guide

Whether you’re escorted from the workplace by security or forced to spend weeks toiling alongside shell-shocked co-workers before making your final exit, the pain of being laid off is like no other. In one brief moment, the familiar blanket of...

Nov 4, 2008
Leading Indicators: B.C. Corporate Leaders

As the baby boom generation of corporate leaders rides off into the sunset, there is mounting evidence that the businesses they leave behind are facing a serious leadership shortage. A recent survey by UBC’s Sauder School of Business of 40 B.C.-based CEOs – each leading a company with annual revenues...

Jul 1, 2008
Will Power: The Inheritance Problem

“My dad had done his best to control us while he was alive – now he was doing it from the grave.” What they expected to be a simple three-way division of their dad’s considerable estate turned out to be...

May 1, 2008
10 Business Tips Everyone Should Know

How many times have you inwardly seethed while a colleague glibly speaks up at a meeting, passing off your brilliant idea as her own? Or felt that inner alarm bell jangle when your boss spells out a plan that you know is doomed to failure? They don’t teach you how to...

Dec 5, 2007
How to Ensure Your Mental Health

Lose the junk in your trunk If you are obese in middle age, you are twice as likely to develop dementia in later life. Combine that extra weight with high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and you are at...

Dec 5, 2007
Brain Busters

Five commonly held notions about our most complex organ: 1. We only use 10 per cent of our brain. False: This statistic is bandied around as fact, partly because it supports the psychic/paranormal agenda. Harnessing more of our brain...

Dec 1, 2007
No Brainer: Boosting Mental Fitness

You might be able to Botox your wrinkles away, but there’s one part of your body that definitely can’t escape the ravages of time: your brain. Vicki O’Brien investigates the business of boosting mental fitness and explains why B.C. employers should be doing more to keep their stressed-out, aging workforce tuned in and turned on.

Oct 10, 2007
Manufacturing Winner 2007

Pity the poor pioneer who ordered a home-building kit from Sears Roebuck in 1908, only to find it literally took a village to successfully turn its 30,000 pieces into his dream house. Manufactured homes have come a long way since...

Oct 10, 2007
Health Sciences Winner 2007

Taking pride of place on Bob Rieder's desk is the lower jaw of a polar bear. It symbolizes not only his recent 270-kilometre Arctic canoe trip up the Horton River to the Beaufort Sea, but the strength it takes to...

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