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Jul 13, 2015
A culinary tour through the Downtown Eastside?

Half an hour into Off the Eaten Track’s culinary tour of Railtown, we’re at Big Lou’s Butcher Shop, devouring warm and zingy porchetta sandwiches with parsley-cilantro chimichurri sauce. Half a sandwich, anyway: there’s still plenty to eat on this two-hour trip into a neighbourhood most Vancouverites never visit. Off the Eaten...

Jan 4, 2011
Travelling to Bavaria, Germany

Germans love their summer fests. Last August, during a weeklong stay in northern Bavaria, my wife and I spent half our time in festival beer gardens. The afternoon we arrived, our host drove us to our first – in the...

Jul 7, 2010
Gravel Battle in the Fraser River

Is the multimillion-dollar gravel extraction program on the 
Fraser River actually saving lives – preventing a devastating flood, as government officials claim? Or is it just padding the pockets of a lucky few and causing irreparable harm to a fragile ecosystem?

Jul 3, 2009
Canada's DFO: Managed to Fail

ON A GREY AND DRIZZLY DAY in March, the Granville Island fish wharf is quiet. No customers handing over cash for frozen-at-sea salmon fillets, and only a couple of lunch eaters at the Go Fish food stand. Carte Blanche, Dane...

Jan 1, 2009
Travelling to Cuba

Our white Peugeot station wagon passes a baseball field where a billboard above home plate reads, in Spanish, Socialism or Death. “Cuba, it’s a funny place,” Jourdain says into the rear-view mirror. He looks a bit like a young Cary...

Sep 3, 2008
Renewal Partners' Prophet Motives

The headquarters of Small Potatoes Urban Delivery (SPUD), off an alley near Hastings and Commercial in Vancouver, is a 13,000-square-foot warehouse that smells faintly of celery and green onions. Milk crates, a compost barrel full of carrot tops and several newly arrived pallets of natural orange-mango soda crowd the receiving...

Jul 1, 2007
Squamish: Squish to Swish?

The carnival is camped out on the waterfront this weekend, on Nexen Canada Inc.’s old chemical plant lands, and five other West Coast Amusements employees are clustered at a nearby table. But aside from them, the place is pretty much...

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