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Apr 23, 2020
For B.C. real estate, will COVID-19 bring down the house?

So far, besides ushering in a certain remoteness, the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t changed much for PC Urban Properties Corp. Everyone at the Vancouver-based real estate developer is still employed, and the 20-member team has spent the past several weeks adjusting to working from home. “I think everybody’s getting a little...

Apr 22, 2020
5 questions with Wendy Hurlburt, president and CEO of LifeSciences BC

This article was originally published in our March issue, before the COVID-19 pandemic came to Canada. 1. What is the role of LifeSciences BC? We are a member-driven organization, and we represent the life sciences ecosystem. We are uniquely positioned in...

Apr 16, 2020
B.C. food industry workers are heroes—but will it be for more than one day?

“I don’t think most people in the food industry know how big the food industry is,” quips James Donaldson, CEO of BC Food & Beverage. In B.C., Donaldson says, it’s a $10-billion business—and that’s just food and beverage manufacturing. “If you factor in agriculture and seafood, it’s closer to $15...

Apr 7, 2020
5 tips for better customer relationships—and a stronger business—during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many B.C. businesses on the ropes, but this is no time to forget your customers. Mark Colgate, professor of service excellence at UVic’s Peter B. Gustavson School of Business, shares some advice on keeping the love alive—and being ready to bounce back stronger than ever...

Apr 1, 2020
2020 Women of the Year Awards: Change Maker

CEO, BioLytical Laboratories As a teenager in Quesnel, where she was born to Indian immigrants, Livleen Veslemes used to watch The Oprah Winfrey Show with her dad, a shift worker at the plywood plant. “I remember watching her, hearing her story and thinking...

Apr 1, 2020
5 tips for handling commercial leases and contracts during COVID-19 and beyond

With rent due on April 1, the COVID-19 crisis has left commercial landlords and their cash-strapped tenants scrambling to figure out a way forward. Looking ahead, the outbreak could also see pandemic clauses become a standard feature of commercial leases and agreements. For some tips on dealing with leases and contracts...

Mar 25, 2020
A risk management guide for your business during COVID-19

As everyone keeps saying, there’s no playbook for the COVID-19 crisis. But you can take steps to manage the financial and other risks to your business—and even seize new opportunities. For some advice, we turned to two partners with PwC...

Mar 24, 2020
Yes, COVID-19 is an economic crisis. But more important, it’s a public health emergency

“I’ve never been in the business of forecasting, but now even less so,” says Iglika Ivanova when asked about the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. “We are going to see a lot of disruption,” adds the Vancouver-based senior economist and public interest researcher with the Canadian Centre for Policy...

Feb 18, 2020
5 questions with Susan Yurkovich, president and CEO of the Council of Forest Industries

1. To illustrate the scale of the crisis that has swept the B.C. forest industry, can you share a few facts and figures? We’ve had over 100 curtailment announcements at B.C. operations, some temporary and some permanent. Those are now...

Jan 9, 2020
10 views on 2020: Experts analyze the year ahead for B.C.

Forestry is struggling, tech is booming, and companies of all sizes can’t find enough good people. As B.C. rings in the new year, those are just a few of the factors that will affect businesses across the province during an...

Dec 9, 2019
Sole Survivor: Q&A with John Fluevog on 50 years of kicking butt

In his long jacket and tall black boots, John Fluevog still looks every bit the dandy who started making his mark on the fashion and retail worlds five decades ago. He glides down into the showroom of his gorgeous, high-ceilinged flagship...

Dec 6, 2019
In BC Chamber address, John Horgan makes the case for government spending, Indigenous rights

John Horgan showed off his yellow Star Trek socks earlier this week, but what he really wanted to talk about was how he thinks British Columbians and their businesses can live long and prosper. Without a phaser to fall back on, the NDP premier and hard-core Trekkie also demonstrated his skill...

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