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Dec 1, 2006
Nanotech: Think Small

The powder is so fine that Burgess needs extremely high-powered microscopes and special equipment, labs and expertise just to see and work with it. Each speck is so small it is measured in nanometres: one-billionths of a metre. The material Mettech is working on is considered a nanopowder, and it’s...

Dec 1, 2006
Boomtown Sports Inc.: Cutting Edge

After 11 years in the ski retail business, Dale Arsenault knew if he wanted to be on the cutting edge and sell any Boomtown Sports Inc. skis made at the company’s Kootenay plant, he had to be at demo days.

Jun 1, 2006
B.C.'s First Nations and Business: Chief Executives

Gone are the days of government handouts and drastic unemployment – at least for some B.C. First Nations. Today many local bands are as likely to be running profitable vineyards and partnering with real-estate developers as they are to be taking part in smudging ceremonies. As the wisdom of the...

Dec 1, 2005
How to Hire Star Employees

“If you ask me what my No. 1 challenge is, it’s still staffing,” says Kevin McCrum, general manager of Aldergrove-based Cintas Canada. “It’s becoming harder and harder to find great people.” When a company such as Cintas, a uniform supplier...

Dec 1, 2005
How to Provide Training

If you’re WCG International When WCG International, a Victoria-based HR consulting and job placement company, was asked to open a pilot job-placement program in various cities in Southern and Central Ontario last year, the company was faced with a problem:...

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