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Apr 4, 2011
Robert Quartermain

In his 25-year career leading Silver Standard Resources Inc., 
Robert Quartermain oversaw its growth from a two-person junior explorer to a mine operator with a market capitalization of $2.1 billion. So expectations are high for the 55-year-old’s new venture, Pretium...

Mar 7, 2011
Kris Bulcroft

Capilano University’s new president comes to North Vancouver from right next door after a 20-year career in her native Washington state as a sociology professor at Western Washington University. However, she comes by way of Europe, most recently working as...

Mar 7, 2011
Nexterra, UNBC, and Growth in B.C. Biofuel

After the crippling hits it suffered in recent years, the forestry sector of northern B.C. is hoping that its growing biofuel businesses will open up new markets. Realistically, there’s no chance biofuel can fully offset the damage done to the...

Feb 7, 2011
Geoff Dickson

After 12 years at BC Ferries, Geoff Dickson is back to his roots in aviation, becoming the Victoria Airport Authority’s new president and CEO in January. Dickson has spent 25 years in the transportation business, roughly half that time at...

Feb 7, 2011
Troubled Waters: B.C.'s Water Act

There’s a desperate need to fix B.C.’s 
water laws. The question is, How? For an issue that has all the right ingredients of a classic industry-versus-environment policy brawl, there’s some strong consensus in the debate about how B.C. should manage water. But while all sides generally agree that big changes are needed, there’s plenty of debate about what exactly needs to be done.

Jan 4, 2011
Kirk LaPointe, in the Key of CBC

The former managing editor of the Vancouver Sun is taking on one of the most august positions in Canadian journalism: CBC ombudsman, tasked with making sure the institution’s journalistic practices are up to snuff. Kirk LaPointe has a rich career...

Jan 4, 2011
Giving B.C. Social Enterprise a CIC Start

A new business 
law in B.C. – which creates a CIC, or "community interest company" – could bring big investments to 
social enterprise. The B.C. government is working on a new business category for ventures that straddle the line between capitalism and social service. There’s already a vibrant mix of these so-called social enterprises in B.C., and proponents hope the new rules will bring in a powerful resource the sector is currently lacking: private investors.

Dec 1, 2010
Jane Bird

There’s little that shapes our environment more than a meaty infrastructure project, and Jane Bird recently finished a monster. As the former CEO of Canada Line Rapid Transit Inc., she was responsible for one of B.C.’s biggest pre-Olympic developments, a...

Dec 1, 2010
The B.C. Government's Culture of Secrecy

Back in 1992, Rob Botterell and his team thought they’d won a great victory. B.C.’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act was passed in the legislature and hailed by many experts as Canada’s best transparency law. Botterell had...

Nov 3, 2010
Vancouver Animation Domination

animation sector is fighting for the one thing that will end its dependence on 
foreign masters: 
a hit all its own
. Aaron White’s guinea pigs somehow manage to be superbly ugly and adorable all at once. Drawn with only a dozen lines or so, they’re little more than oblong fur lumps with ghastly big eyes and spindly limbs. And to say these would-be cartoon heroes almost look like they’ve been hand-crayoned by a preschooler is not a criticism; in fact,

Nov 3, 2010
Laurie Clarke

Big changes are in the works at BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre. This fall the B.C. government announced the first $90 million in funding for a long-planned $300-million redevelopment project for both Women’s Hospital and its neighbour, BC Children’s...

Nov 3, 2010
Bidding Low on B.C. Construction

The competitive bidding environment in the B.C. construction industry is all about price, and no one is getting a good deal. The Vancouver Olympics were widely hailed as a resounding victory of organization. One major project was checked off after another: on time, on budget. However, not everyone has a happy story to tell.

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