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Aug 11, 2022
Land Values: Vancouver apartment doors are finally opening to courtyards

When I went to visit a friend in very suburban Tsawwassen recently for the first time in years, I felt bad for him as I parked in his building’s lot. Sigh, I thought. Another bland and boxy apartment that plonks...

Mar 24, 2022
Land Values: False Creek Flats and neighbouring Mount Pleasant are Vancouver’s hot new real estate zones. Not everyone is thrilled

Walk around Seattle’s South Lake Union these days, and it feels like it’s exploding with new life and development. The once-industrial zone is now a hodgepodge of shiny, futuristic office towers that house 21st-century businesses ranging from Amazon to biotech...

Feb 7, 2022
Kevin Falcon just won the BC Liberal leadership. Here’s a deep dive into his life, from our archives

By winning the BC Liberal Party leadership, Kevin Falcon just made a high-profile return to politics after several years in property development. As the former MLA and cabinet minister gears up to take on the NDP in the next provincial election, we dug...

Jan 13, 2022
Land Values: Sorry, millennials—baby boomers aren’t downsizing

Linda and Patrick Power looked at downsizing from their Burnaby house a few years ago as they were approaching their 65-year marks. The four flights of stairs were just going to get harder to navigate. And taking care of the...

Dec 10, 2021
Land Values: Can Surrey become B.C.’s next major downtown?

Michael Heeney has a theory about the future of this region as people continue to flood into the eastern suburbs. Downtown Vancouver will become less attractive to businesses run by that increasingly large proportion of suburban residents. It was a convenient...

Oct 5, 2021
2021 Real Estate Report: With a push from COVID, the B.C. property market is reinventing itself

Lori Fell got a job a year ago as a human resources assistant at a major grocery and housewares store. The good, steady-paying work was a satisfying reward for having gone back to school in her 40s after being laid off from...

Apr 13, 2021
The pandemic has left some B.C. industries languishing while others forge ahead

Scott Jacob has worked in construction for 30 years. He’s seen a few recessions. But never the kind of meteor hit that happened last March, when pandemic lockdowns and panic arrived in B.C. The company he and his brother run, Jacob Bros Construction, had a dozen contracts for various improvements—parkades, asphalt aprons—at Vancouver International Airport. They were cancelled instantly, stopped mid-project with an urgent request that Jacob get his crews offsite as fast as he could...

Aug 26, 2020
B.C. 2.0.: Retailers try reinventing themselves to survive the COVID-19 pandemic

Blaine McNamee had already brought the dead back to life once in B.C.’s retail world. Then the pandemic came. McNamee is the guy who took over the empty storefront that had been home to the cherished Wonderbucks on Vancouver’s Commercial Drive—an...

Jun 19, 2020
A business plan for the end of the world

Emad Yacoub has survived downturns before. It was very rough during the 2008 world meltdown triggered by the collapse of the U.S. housing market. But even in the worst of times, his Glowbal dining empire, which today consists of nine...

Jul 19, 2019
Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum is back, but his future (and the city’s) is uncertain

Doug McCallum regained the Surrey mayor’s chair last fall by offering easy-sounding solutions when it comes to policing, transit and real estate development. The veteran politician says he’s changed along with B.C.’s second-largest city, but is he the right person to lead it into the future?

May 1, 2019
Prefab homes could solve housing shortages in B.C. and abroad

Louie Quilt hefts a sheet of drywall into a box about the size of a cabin sitting in the middle of the shop floor, the next step for what will become a compact studio apartment for a not-so-well-off resident of...

Oct 3, 2018
Split Decision: Housing crisis looms large in Vancouver civic election

A note from the author: Modern-day elections are famous for their last-minute dramas, with candidates getting knocked out of races as problematic information emerges about their pasts, as they stumble in the public spotlight, as their campaign strategies blow up...

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