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Jun 1, 2016
How UBC is digging the mining industry out of a hole

Damie Gongor’s enthusiasm about making life better in his home country, half a world away from Vancouver, spills over as he talks.Mongolia, he explains, went through a bad time with international mining companies in the wake of its transition to a democratic, market-based economy in 1990. The northern Asian country...

May 19, 2016
Why the car is winning the commuter war—and what can be done to stop it

RELATED ARTICLES: Results from our exclusive survey on how British Columbians feel about their work commute. See how your commute compares to other Metro Vancouver neighbourhoods. Five profiles of extreme B.C. commutes. Clayton Chmelik and his wife were poster children for the car-shunning millennial generation for most of their 20s. They lived in south...

Jan 8, 2016
Why we overspend—and what to do about it

Jacqueline Sheppet thinks of herself as reasonably good with money. She is a high-school math teacher, after all. She’s thrifty—didn’t buy her first car until she was 37, after saving diligently for it for five years. And she takes the trouble to look at the automatic expense-tracking tool her bank provides, Mint...

Oct 21, 2015
How TransLink might fix its broken business model

Atlanta was named by Time magazine as having one of the United States’ 10 worst transit systems in 2011 and one of the few to lose ridership. In 2012, its voters rejected a referendum pitching a new one per cent sales tax that would pay for $7.1 billion in improvements.

Jul 24, 2015
Why Vancouver has been slow to adopt the sharing economy

Jeffrey Casebolt is not your usual taxi driver. The 23-year-old, making his way this Friday afternoon through slow-moving downtown traffic as he pilots a customer from a bookstore to a hotel, is an accountant getting his master’s in business administration. He plans to work for Microsoft someday. And he’s driving...

Nov 12, 2014
Gregor is Coke. Kirk, Pepsi. Forget issues; our politicians are brands

The ultimate ballot-box question: Is Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson a Tesla or a Car2Go Smart Car? Is he environmentally chic, ultra-high-tech, but, at $70,000 or more, just too rich for your blood—or anyone’s, really. Or is the leader of the city’s nine-year-old political powerhouse Vision Vancouver party—hoping to be re-elected to...

Jul 30, 2014
A brief history of TransLink

TransLink is praised around the world as an agency that allows local politicians to have control over transit in their own region, but by critics, it’s painted as an entity that is living off the fat of local taxpayers, running a system that’s actually awash in money if only it...

Jul 30, 2014
How Vancouver's traffic nightmares hurt all of B.C.

Dan Williams reaches the crest of the Pattullo Bridge on a brilliant, sunny morning at exactly 7:34, well under half an hour since he pulled his five-tonne truck away from the loading dock at Argus Carriers in Burnaby. So far, traffic has been relatively light for him and it continues...

Jun 26, 2014
Richmond Company at the Fore of Digital Newspapers

When Sylvia Buss, the deputy chief librarian for New Westminster, went looking for material that new immigrants might like to use from the library, she hunted down books on learning English, children’s stories, software and literacy manuals. The trainers she was working with were sort of interested in all that. But...

Sep 5, 2011
The Dark Art of B.C.'s Liquor Importers

A handful of booze importers navigate a 
maze of international law, shipping logistics 
and customs regulations – all to make sure B.C. liquor stores and bars are stocked 
with our favourite foreign tipples.

May 2, 2011
Pay, Baby, Pay: Fuel Tax and Road Tolls in B.C.

Our bridges are crumbling and our highways clogged. Governments can barely afford to fill the potholes let alone plan ahead for the infrastructure of tomorrow. Is it finally 
time to make B.C.’s road hogs pay?
 Mike Lyman climbs into the cab of his nearly four-metre-high 2006 Volvo truck at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday in early March, settles into his seat, checks on all of his technology, and heads for the I-5 from the truck yard on the south bank of...

Dec 1, 2010
Catriona Jeffries, Vancouver's Contemporary-Art Queen

Catriona Jeffries is the undisputed queen 
of Vancouver’s contemporary-art scene, 
representing the biggest local names at galleries 
and art fairs around the world. But her biggest 
challenge just might be managing the cash flow
. To find the home of Vancouver’s most internationally recognized art dealer, turn right off Main Street near Great Northern Way – just before the Midas Muffler and Kal Tire – 
continue down the street past Kirmac Collision, stop before you get to the Vancouver Detox Centre and...

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