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Feb 6, 2016
Tech spurs new business model for First Nations art

Opening doors A new program using computer technology aims to help First Nations carvers find a larger, more international market for their work. The B.C. Coast Aboriginal Doors Program is the brainchild of Chris Gaston, UBC forestry professor and university liaison at FPInnovations, and Brenda Crabtree, Aboriginal program manager at Emily...

Feb 4, 2016
Meet the North Van plumber who gave away $25 million

Paul Myers did not want any “hullabaloo” made over his $25-million donation to a new patient care centre at Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver. The 82-year-old owner of Keith Plumbing and Heating doesn’t like speaking in public. But Judy Savage, president of the Lions Gate Hospital Foundation, convinced him that a press conference...

Feb 2, 2016
Corporate Vancouver still lags behind Toronto and Calgary

Lightweight Vancouver Metro Vancouver may be building a reputation for producing feisty start-ups, but it still ranks poorly against heavyweights like Toronto and Calgary, according to a recent report by the BC Business Council. Using data from a Statistics Canada survey on head offices across the country, the council reported that...

Jan 28, 2016
Former president strikes back at UBC

Document drama Former UBC president Arvind Gupta released a statement today defending himself against the assertions made in documents accidentally released by the university. “What was published is a one-sided representation of what transpired in the months prior to my resignation,” he wrote. On Monday, UBC released 861 pages in response to...

Jan 25, 2016
Vancouver Island First Nation sues Catalyst Paper for $2.1 billion

Mill suedThe Chemainus-based Halalt First Nation is suing Catalyst Paper for $2.1 billion and calling for the closure of the company’s 59-year-old Crofton Mill. On Monday, Catalyst reported it had received two separate lawsuits from the Halalt, and denied the allegations in both claims. The company stated that it intends...

Jan 21, 2016
Miners cry foul over government regulation

Red-tape blues The future of mining in B.C. is threatened by a shrinking supply of accessible land, according to a new report commissioned by an industry association. Calling on the provincial government to respond, the Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia (AME BC) points to “increasingly complex government policies” that pose an ongoing...

Jan 16, 2016
My Financial Turning Point: Jeff Booth

“It wasn’t the housing industry collapse that hit us—it was the credit crisis, because people didn’t have the credit to be able to buy anything. In 2008 we were on pace to do $50 million in sales, and then Lehman Brothers collapsed and all of a sudden sales were less...

Jan 16, 2016
North Vancouver visual effects company will receive Oscar award

Inflatable ingenuityThe North Vancouver developers of an inflatable screen will receive a Technical Achievement Award at this year’s Academy Awards. The Air Wall is a patented visual effects screen that was invented in 2012 by David McIntosh, Steve Smith, Mike Kirilenko and Mike Branham of Aircover Inflatables. It was developed...

Jan 15, 2016
My Financial Turning Point: Shannon Rogers

“We started our company in 1999, and in early 2000 was the dot-com bust. We tried to find investment capital but couldn’t. We raised funds from a few friends and family, but it was more just people that felt sorry for us—‘here’s 10 grand,’ that sort of thing. Not enough to...

Jan 13, 2016
My Financial Turning Point: Bob Rennie

“In 1982, I left my core competency of real estate and invested in the stock market—and I lost heavily. Interest rates went to 21 per cent and we had a mortgage on our home. Being a realtor that was selling pretty well a house a day, I had to swallow...

Jan 13, 2016
My Financial Turning Point: Katherine Berry

“My twin sister, Kristine, [Steuart], was a marketing manager, and she and her colleagues were each managing their own million-dollar marketing spend. They kept seeing the same pain point: they couldn’t easily say, at the end of the quarter, what they spent against what objectives. We thought there was a...

Jan 13, 2016
Seattle tech giant eyes Vancouver office

Tech booms downtown One of Seattle’s biggest tech companies is looking for a large office space in downtown Vancouver, part of a growing trend in demand for big floorplates. Tableau Software Inc. recently opened a temporary office at 885 West Georgia St., and is seeking a permanent 55,000-sq.-ft. space downtown. According to...

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