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Jul 1, 2014
Will B.C. Embrace Mobile Payments?

It’s lunchtime on a sunny Friday on 8th Avenue in Vancouver and the crowd of hungry office workers waiting for Neapolitan pizza from the Community Pizzeria food truck is getting long. The truck’s custom, 850-degree-Farenheit wood-fired oven has limited capacity, which slows things down. But that’s the pickup line—the order...

Jun 1, 2014
B.C. Mill Towns Bet Big on Tourism

Leaders in B.C.’s small northern mill towns have high hopes that tourism will offset job losses in the forestry sector—and if you stand in the parking lot of almost any mill in the province and look around, the reasons why so many are excited about that potential are obvious. Mills...

Jan 6, 2014
Pipeline Permission

Ian Anderson had a friendly crowd on November 5, 2013, at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. The Kinder Morgan Canada president was addressing a sold-out Vancouver Board of Trade energy forum, where his message of economic opportunity flowing from pipelines was falling on sympathetic ears. The oil and gas executives among...

Jan 6, 2014
Sochi 2014: Most Expensive Olympics Ever

On February 7th the Olympic torch will enter the sparkling new Fisht Olympic Stadium, completing its record-setting 65,000-kilometre trip and kicking off the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. If temperatures in the sub-tropical south Russian city permit, officials might even open the clamshell dome, giving some of the 40,000 spectators views...

Dec 19, 2013
Star Anthropologist Wade Davis a Big Get For UBC

Despite counting three Premiers, two Prime Ministers and two BCBusiness editors among its graduates, UBC still has a prestige problem. It’s especially acute south of the border—ask a Harvard student to name an elite Canadian university and they’ll inevitably name that under-funded has-been McGill. Never mind that UBC tied them...

Nov 4, 2013
Gear for Here

Prior Fissile Split XTC Carbon The Whistler area offers a wealth of spectacular backcountry ski-touring terrain that’s among the most accessible of its kind in the world. But if you prefer your powder served under a snowboard, you’ve got more of a challenge. Until recently you were forced to hike...

Sep 3, 2013
Accelerating Academics

Hunter Macdonald’s startup story is the kind that makes wannabe tech entrepreneurs salivate. As the CEO of Tutela Technologies Ltd., he and his co-founder, COO Brennen Chow, found a specifically defined need in the market, addressed it with clever software and watched the money roll. In June the company closed...

Aug 15, 2013
The Long-Awaited Internet of Things at GROW

The so-called “Internet of things” is one of those big technological promises that’s been a long time coming. It’s like the flying car. Except a little different, because everyone wants a flying car, and the Internet of things is actually here. Speculation about Internet-connected appliances is almost as old as...

Aug 15, 2013
It Takes $100-Million Plans to Get VC Money

Vancouver venture capitalist Boris Wertz was among the stand-out speakers on the first day of the GROW Conference at the Vancouver Convention Centre, promising to share with the stranding-room-only crowd the secret to building a $100-million company. Many among the assembled crush of entrepreneurs hoping for the inside track on...

Aug 5, 2013
The Problem of Too Many Skilled-Trades Jobs

On a Thursday morning in June, three giggling Grade 10 girls from Salt Spring Island’s Gulf Islands Secondary don oversized helmets and thick elbow-length gloves in a booth on the B.C. Place floor as they wait their turn to take a crack at welding. Sabrina, Amelia and Lena are among...

Jul 11, 2013
Ripple Effect: Transforming the Global Monetary System

Chris Larsen wants to do for money what the Internet did for information: enable it to flow freely around the world, unimpeded by barriers or borders of any kind, whether physical, political or commercial. The CEO and co-founder of OpenCoin Inc. believes his digital transaction network, Ripple, will make it possible...

Jun 3, 2013
Why Vancouver Loves Geeks

As anyone who has seen downtown sidewalks choked with visitors wearing delegate badges can guess, conferences are big business for Vancouver. In 2011, the blockbuster three-day SIGGRAPH graphics and visual effects conference broke the record for largest in Vancouver history with 15,872 attendees, each of whom is estimated to have...

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