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Feb 6, 2012
Travelling to London, U.K.

The city’s finery is 
on display as it 
prepares for this summer’s Olympics. I am “Borising it,” apparently. Those Brits: with their penchant for nicknames, they’ve even wittily rechristened such a mundane act as riding a rented bicycle. This time it’s a nod to London’s foppish mayor, Boris Johnson, who recently brought in 6,000 of the now-dubbed “Boris Bikes,” hopped on by tourists and residents alike.

Feb 6, 2012
Lunch with Talent Agent Sam Feldman

Sam Feldman feels like his career has been a bit of a wager – and that’s just the way he likes it. The 40-year talent agent who manages or represents such stars as Diana Krall, Elvis Costello, Michael Bublé, Sarah...

Jan 3, 2012
Lunch with Fashion Agent Liz Bell

Fashion agent Liz Bell has made a career of a 
personal address book that’s to die for. It’s impossible to slouch when you’re around Liz Bell, the former model who has been an agent for hundreds of models and actors over the past two decades in B.C. The svelte six-footer – sans vertiginous heels – sits ramrod straight throughout our crab-cake lunch, with a chin so elevated she could be mistaken for being a little on guard. Refreshingly, she is anything...

Dec 5, 2011
Lunch with Chef Pino Posteraro

A believer in the redemptive power of precision, Pino Posteraro, the city's most decorated Italian chef, likes where Vancouver food is going. I barely sit down for lunch with Pino Posteraro before he launches, apropos of very little, into what people think of him. “I do have a reputation for being – well, they say ‘intense’ or ‘micromanager,’” the Vancouver executive chef and proprietor says with a wink, adding he knows these are euphemisms for “control freak.” 

Nov 7, 2011
Lunch with Vancouver Architect Bing Thom

Architect Bing Thom on recognizing the forces 
of nature and going with the flow. Bing Thom is used to venturing into tricky waters – on and off land. Today we’re at Kitsilano Point picnicking on the Vancouver architect’s 35-foot yacht, where a torn sail is evidence of a failed attempt to smooth a crinkle at 22 knots. 

Nov 7, 2011
Chewters Chocolates Lets the Chips Fly

Locals may hit Las Vegas to escape B.C., but there’s a good bet they’ll be savouring a chunk of home during their stay. Every year, more than six million chocolates – from the logo-bearing pieces gracing hotel pillows to the...

Oct 6, 2011
Lunch with Patricia Graham

As a former lawyer, Vancouver Sun editor-in-chief Patricia Graham always knew she was forfeiting a lucrative career for a decidedly more precarious one. “I’ve always led through contraction,” she says, reflecting on her two decades in management at the metropolitan...

Sep 5, 2011
Lunch with Kim Baird

She may be in smart business attire this lunchtime, but undertones of Chief Kim Baird’s youthful goth-punk days – complete with voluminous hair – are never far away. It’s what she refers to as a “rebellious spark,” which is often...

Aug 1, 2011
Lunch with Goldcorp Chair Ian Telfer

Self-effacing Goldcorp chair Ian Telfer, on being in the right place at the right time, 
and the satisfaction that comes with finding wealth late in life. “Financial success is like being struck by lightning; it’s pure happenstance,” says Ian Telfer, chair of Vancouver-based Goldcorp Inc. “Many people work hard and have great visions, but the stars really have to line up.” 

Jul 1, 2011
Lunch with Nettwerk CEO Terry McBride

Terry McBride is in a philosophical mood. The CEO of both Nettwerk Music Group – the Vancouver-headquartered, internationally renowned music empire he co-founded 27 years ago – and YYoga is explaining how he deals with being inundated with pleas from...

Jun 6, 2011
Lunch with Joe Segal

Joseph Segal’s conversation is freighted with the passing of time. Not that the 86-year-old business titan and Order of Canada recipient has any patience for reflection (“no point in regrets,” he states) – or thoughts of retiring from Kingswood Capital...

May 2, 2011
Lunch with Mayor Gregor Robertson

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson is not the highfalutin kind. As his sablefish with leek velouté lands in front of him at Fairmont Pacific Rim’s Oru restaurant, I lose him to an endearing fit of giggles, caused in part by comedic...

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