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Nov 6, 2017
Lunch with FrontFundr chief growth officer Jill Earthy

It’s hard keeping up with Jill Earthy. Positively fizzing over lunch, the 44-year-old is just back from working for two weeks in Whistler, across Alberta and in Ottawa at the Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference, the intensive invitation-only meeting of...

Oct 18, 2017
Lunch with designer Mark Busse

Few business folk point out how their labour adds nothing directly to their company’s bottom line. But driven by a “boorish, unapologetic exploration and celebration of all things creative,” Mark Busse is unequivocal about the merits of his year-old position as director of creativity and engagement at HCMA Architecture +...

Aug 16, 2017
Lunch with One Ocean Expeditions founder Andrew Prossin

Working in both polar extremes, Andrew Prossin has anything but an ordinary business life. The managing director of Squamish-headquartered One Ocean Expeditions Inc. has experienced the vagaries of journeying around the top and bottom of the world for nearly 25...

Jun 21, 2017
Darryl Bosa looks to make his mark with a new coworking venture

There’s nothing like a bit of familial rivalry to fuel entrepreneurial ambitions. Freighted with growing up in a renowned B.C. real estate development family, Darryl Bosa admits taking off “to learn and make my own mistakes” overseas for nearly a...

Jun 15, 2017
True to its Gold Rush roots, Sacramento keeps drawing prospectors

On this warm Saturday night in Sacramento, it feels like the Gold Rush never ended. Not only is it the weekend after payday for state workers (our Uber driver says he always sees a significant uptick on these evenings), but...

May 31, 2017
Tofino mayor Josie Osborne on what makes her seaside town tick

Josie Osborne may have left behind a career as a marine biologist to be “consumed” by her role as mayor of Tofino, but there’s plenty of science behind her political modus operandi. Osborne, 45, was acclaimed to the office in...

Apr 25, 2017
Lunch with Faye Wightman, executive director of the Canadian Cancer Society

At the end of our lunch, Faye Wightman opens up—for the first time in public—about the painful past at the heart of her 35-year career in philanthropy. Earlier the executive director of the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) in Vancouver and...

Feb 27, 2017
Game On: Lunch with Brian Wong, co-founder of online rewards platform Kiip

Although he says he doesn’t want to play the race card, Brian Wong can’t help rebelling against his conformist Asian upbringing. Vancouver-born-and-bred Brian Wong is one of the youngest Internet entrepreneurs to raise venture capital: US$31.4 million from 2010 to...

Feb 6, 2017
His Life's a Journey: Lunch with Holidays for Humanity CEO Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith shakes his head as he recalls downing 250 millilitres of industrial-grade hot sauce. “What you do for sea turtles,” the CEO of Holidays for Humanity says of the dare that raised nearly a $1,000 and enabled a Costa...

Jan 26, 2017
4 food delivery services that know what's good for you

An offshoot of SPUD—the Vancouver-headquartered Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery company that works with a raft of local farmers—Be Fresh has four cafés and markets throughout the city as well as delivering workplace wellness plans to companies. With its non-GMO housemade...

Jan 3, 2017
The bag man: Lunch with Herschel co-founder Lyndon Cormack

I’m feasting on Lyndon Cormack’s brio this lunchtime. The fast-talking managing director of Herschel Supply Co. is buzzing from a weekend of wakesurfing at home in Deep Cove—we’re meeting in September—and is about to head to a trade show in...

Nov 21, 2016
Lunch With Lucy: Salt Spring Coffee's Mickey McLeod on brewing controversy

It’s not often you hear a CEO talking about the upside of LSD while discussing business. But then lunch with Mickey McLeod—the “still-a-hippie-at-heart” president and CEO of Salt Spring Coffee Company and pioneer of organic coffee—was never destined to be...

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