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Lucy Hyslop

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Feb 26, 2015
Why Brian Hill and Andrea Thomas Hill give back

“We both believe strongly in helping others,” Brian stresses. “We believe it’s an obligation, given how fortunately we ourselves are able to live.” Whether that help is advice, money or resources, such as Aritzia’s recent Full of Heart initiative to raise money for Cause We Care, the couple follows the...

Feb 24, 2015
Why Ryan and Cindy Beedie give back

“I just think it’s the right thing to do,” Cindy says. “I feel compelled to give back to a community that has given us so much. It’s a privilege to give, but it’s also about walking the talk.” Part of walking the talk has been donating to the institution where the...

Feb 23, 2015
Why Ian Telfer and Nancy Burke give back

Just as Ian believes in “returning the favour” to his alma mater in Ottawa, his and Nancy’s motives for giving in general through their Fernwood Foundation follow a similar philosophy. THEIR CLAIM TO FAME In 2007, donated $25 million to University of Ottawa’s business school, where Ian studied for his MBA; Nancy...

Feb 19, 2015
Why Michael Audain and Yoshiko Karasawa give back

“I’m afraid that we don’t have any grand notions about philanthropy,” says Michael. “We are just very keen about certain causes and try to support them with dollars and volunteer time.” That lifelong—and exhaustive—interest in the visual arts is what led to their show Shore, Forest and Beyond: Art from the...

Feb 17, 2015
Why Bob and Lily Lee give back

The Lee family tradition of philanthropy began more than six decades ago with Bob’s father, who gave to causes in Vancouver’s Chinatown and sent money back to his ancestral village in China. Bob says that these efforts helped inform the couple’s own philanthropy. “I was never close to my dad until I...

Feb 13, 2015
Colin Hansen on Vancouver's future as a yuan trading hub

From mending fences in his backyard to sorting out plumbing emergencies at his wife’s company, Colin Hansen makes no apologies for needing to decompress after 17 years in provincial politics. The former BC Liberal deputy premier and minister of finance and health took some downtime after resigning in 2012 before...

Feb 10, 2015
Amar and Natallie Doman on why they give back

Amar explains that his father, Ted, had a serious heart attack at the age of 40 and believes that open-heart surgery in the 1970s saved his life. “He again had several attacks and since then has also had a stroke, each time recovering fully thanks to the science and research done...

Feb 6, 2015
Robert and Greta Ho on why they give back

Raised by his grandparents in Hong Kong, Robert explains that his grandfather came from poverty to become a self-made businessman. “My grandfather never let me forget that he came from nothing, and he never forgot to give back money to the people and the place where he grew up—and that...

Feb 4, 2015
Chip and Shannon Wilson on why they give back

“As Lululemon gained more momentum and became more successful, Chip and I realized we had the opportunity to give,” Shannon explains, adding that the couple now focuses on technical design and children’s education as “the areas we love and are committed to in our life.” Through imagine1day, she says, “It’s...

Jan 16, 2015
How Lynn Hsu took Macdonald Realty from one office to 20

Even when talking about the mountain of obstacles she faced as an immigrant from Taiwan in the late ’70s—poor English, no family or social connections, the racism of the era—you’ll find Lynn Hsu upbeat. “I was a top student in Taiwan, but when I came here I couldn’t get a job...

Dec 12, 2014
How Modo CEO Nathalie Baudoin is going to 'turbo-charge' the carshare

Nathalie Baudoin isn’t afraid of showing her quirky side. The new CEO of Modo—Metro Vancouver’s original carshare—is describing how, at a previous job, she once superimposed her face onto a futuristic Jane Fonda in the cult movie Barbarella and portrayed her co-workers as Mad Men during a presentation. NATHALIE BAUDOIN’S FAVOURITES 1. “The...

Nov 12, 2014
Lunch with Kirk LaPointe

My lunch with Kirk LaPointe goes into overtime. The longtime journalist-cum-mayoral-candidate for the Non-Partisan Association (NPA) spends nearly two hours effortlessly articulating how Vancouver would change under his reign—from his hopes for a “transparent” and “family-focused” City Hall with “better management practices,” to initially freezing property and commercial tax increases...

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