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Jul 1, 2013
The Private Business of Public Parks

It’s a brilliant Thursday afternoon in late April, and the campground at Porteau Cove Provincial Park is already buzzing with early-season visitors. A family of Chinese-Canadian immigrants picnics on a spiky durian. A few seniors patrol the paths on mobility scooters with bread-loaf-sized dogs on leash. Two teenaged girls in...

Jun 3, 2013
Roger Hardy of Clearly Contacts Ltd.

Roger Hardy, the co-founder and CEO of Clearly Contacts Ltd., faced what could have been a Steve Jobs-ian moment: the gala opening of the first bricks-and-mortar retail showroom for his 13-year-old company. A physical store on Vancouver’s Robson Street signalled a radical new direction for what had been a strictly...

Sep 5, 2011
B.C. Biotech on Life Support

Not so long ago, B.C.’s biotech industry was on a roll, with QLT leading the way and a couple of others following it into black-ink territory. Then QLT began its long, slow slide, and fate dealt a losing hand to Angiotech, one-time poster child for B.C.’s biotech industry.

Dec 1, 2010
The Sexiest Story in B.C. Mining

Metals scarcer than gold spark life 
in the junior mining sector. Gold prices and the joyous rescue in Chile grabbed headlines this year, but the sexiest story in mining these days among investors is rare earth minerals and metals. And where there’s a hot mining story, B.C. juniors are sure to jump in.

Aug 4, 2010
When Retail Pops Up in Vancouver

It’s a sunny Saturday afternoon in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood, and a horde is stampeding through the Latest Scoop, hauling clothes and housewares to the till with the frenzy of a going-out-of-business blowout. Indeed, the West Fourth Avenue boutique will have...

Apr 2, 2010
Tantalus Systems

Pity the poor meter man. The guy who checks to see how much power, water or gas you’ve been using has to run a daily gauntlet of angry dogs and foul weather. And soon, if Burnaby-based Tantalus Systems Corp. has its way, his job will go the way of the chimney sweep.  

Jun 3, 2009
Rough Play in Vancouver Video Games

IT LOOKS LIKE PURE FUN AND GAMES at the sprawling half-million-square-foot Burnaby campus of video game giant Electronic Arts Inc. (EA). It’s noon and the cafeteria clatters with the sound of software engineers digging into bento boxes while fellow employees...

Dec 1, 2008
Reality Bytes

It’s a hazy summer day when I tour the former Western Star truck factory in Kelowna with Brian Fry, vice-president of RackForce Gigacenter. As we talk, Fry’s teenaged son and his girlfriend skip down to the other end of the cavernous 150,000-square-foot building, practically disappearing into the horizon. Ghosts of...

Sep 3, 2008
QLT Inc: A Place Called Hope

Robert Butchofsky smiles a lot for a man trying to sell the hope that his company has fallen as low as it can go. “We’re not dead,” says the president and CEO of QLT Inc. (QLT-T) as he guides this reporter out of his sleek office on Vancouver’s Great Northern Way.

Jul 1, 2008
PortCity: What's Up, Docks?

Deltaport sticks out into the Georgia Strait like a hatpin – a squarish man-made island tethered to the coast by its thin causeway. On the west side of the island, great dunes of sooty coal await loading onto Pacific-bound freighters.

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