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Jul 2, 2009
Could MetroLeap Media follow Club Penguin?

It's time for us to sing the unsung. Could Burnaby's MetroLeap Media follow the march of Club Penguin? A couple of years ago, I wrote a column about a company that very few people in B.C. had heard about. I had been aware of this company since 2007 because my daughter was a fervent user of its massive online community. However, I had no idea it was located in Kelowna. I assumed it was a U.S.-based company with millions of dollars...

Jun 3, 2009
The Return of Vancouver Venture Capital?

We need venture capitalists (and the Maple Leafs) to have a good season. The venture capital industry in Canada is looking a bit like the Toronto Maple Leafs these days. Like the Leafs, the venture capitalists (VCs) are vital to a lot of passionate Canadians. And as with hockey rivalries, VCs and entrepreneurs coexist with a mix of admiration and hatred – sort of like Maple Leafs fans and Montreal Canadiens fans.

May 6, 2009
Looking for the Exits

All entrepreneurs are fuelled by dreams of success and wealth, and in the technology industry employees have bought into the dream. Especially in startups, tech staff typically have a significant ownership stake in the company. Sure, they get salaries, but unlike most of us, they receive their bonuses in more stock...

Mar 20, 2009
The Tech Pendulum: Fear and Greed

In January you may have missed the 200th birthday of Edgar Allan Poe, celebrated American writer. One of his more famous stories was “The Pit and the Pendulum,” a gruesome tale about a dungeon made of a deep pit and...

Mar 1, 2009
The Profit Myth

A smart technology-industry observer here in the Northwest had a great saying when he spoke of the dot-com companies that flashed and fizzled last decade: Profits: Nature’s Way of Saying You Belong. Mark Anderson made and sold T-shirts and bumper stickers that tech geeks like me thought were hilarious. The...

Feb 1, 2009
The Fallout

“That don’t kill me, can only make me stronger” – Kanye West, “Stronger” For some technology companies created before 2000, this economic downturn is, in the immortal words of Yogi Berra, “like déjà vu all over again.” The B.C. technology sector contracted by more than 30,000 jobs in the aftermath of...

Jan 1, 2009
Investing in Technology Startups

How does this sound? I want to start a business. It will not make a dollar of revenue for 24 months. It won’t be profitable for four years, at least. It has no assets whatsoever. In fact, the only asset...

Dec 1, 2008
Timing is Everything: Gem of a Deal

In tech deals, timing is everything. When an economy melts as spectacularly as it did in the fall of 2008, stories begin to emerge of incredible timing, of deals that closed shortly before things went horribly awry. The deal of the year in B.C.’s technology industry is one of those...

Nov 4, 2008
Ministry Identity: What's in a Name?

Not much, if you're the B.C. minister responsible for technology. You would think if you were an industry that represented 5.3 per cent of the provincial GDP, you might command a little respect; surely the provincial government would dedicate a ministry to you. Well, not really. The Ministry of Economic Development...

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