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Jun 19, 2013
Redemption for Party Bus Industry Too Late?

Early this month, the B.C. Coroners Service determined that drugs and and alcohol were not a factor in the February death of 16-year-old Ernest Azoadam while riding a "party bus" in Surrey, but the furor around the investigation has left Vancouver's car service industry reeling. Tomasso Cuscito, president of Vancouver Party...

May 31, 2010
Business Laureates Of B.C. Gala

VP of Global BC Brad Kubota and his wife Wendy are a picture-perfect couple, looking stealth in black.B.C. top dogs – like Wendy and Brad Kubota – come out to support the pups of business. The distinguished host of the evening...

Sep 2, 2009
What Not to Wear

First reports were enthusiastic, but what we thought was the first known photograph of Italy's mythical creature, the natural blonde, was soon proved a forgery. Llewellyn had a special skip in his step this morning. The birthday card from Nana contained...

Sep 2, 2009
Vancouver's Hidden Design Gems

Woe unto you, O People of Vancouver, if you ignore these paragons of local architecture and design. Condominiums with more sales pitch than closet space aren't properties worth gushing over, but they get the most attention in Vancouver. Forget them. What we wanted to know is, What are Vancouver's ten most neglected of underappreciated masterpieces? We got our answers from three industry experts: – Celine Pitre of Celine Interiors

Sep 2, 2009
Ten Neighbourhoods of Style

Yaletown Style Jennifer Kostuik | Owner: Jennifer Kostuik Gallery "I'm wearing a lot of dresses lately. They give me freedom to move – you can't hang art in a suit." (Here: a dress by Mellissa and shoes from Jack and Jill.)...

Aug 5, 2009
Toys in the Hood: Auto Pimps

Recipe for economic survival in turtling times: go with the bling. The North American auto industry may be reeling, with Chrysler LLC and General Motors Corp. in bankruptcy and dealerships closing down faster than a Lamborghini on a deserted Saskatchewan highway. But in the niche world of “auto pimping” – popular with the Lower Mainland’s growing legion of gangsters, real and imagined – business is booming.

Aug 5, 2009
Business Pitch Perfect

Great entrepreneurial ideas are, let’s face facts, a dime a dozen. The crucial part of getting your new widget into the world is convincing others it’s worth their attention. Understand the rules of this subtle game and the sky’s the...

Jun 26, 2009
The Best Dressed: 2009 Top 100 Gala

2009 Top 100 Companies in B.C. Fairmont Hotel Vancouver (June 25, 2009) Bringing Sex Appeal to the Executive Class...

Apr 20, 2009
Retail Displays: Putting on a Front

Appreciation for the theatre outside his own window is echoed in the extravagant window and floor displays he creates for his retail clients. “The window is the first point of contact for a store, the calling card,” says Williams, who today is surrounded in his cramped workshop by hundreds of fluorescent...

Mar 1, 2009
And on the Third Day

The numbers don’t lie; Vancouver has never been much of a radio town. Since 1991, on average, listenership has been down about half an hour per person per year, with the average Vancouverite tuning in for roughly 12 hours a week. With the rising popularity of file sharing, satellite radio...

Feb 1, 2009
Blowing Your Top

Hair Cadets, Blo Bros and Pink Wig Girls: my conversation with Judy and Devon Brooks is awash with the playful marketing language that has come to define their fledgling venture. The mother-daughter founders of Blo Blow Dry Bar Inc. hair salons are confident that even women who surrender their full-service...

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