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Nov 8, 2016
The Fuller family succession plan

How does a family ensure the continuation of its business as family members approach retirement age? In the case of the Fuller family, the solution lay with another family, the Jessas. The Fuller family’s restaurant empire includes major chains Earls, Joey...

Nov 8, 2016
Bob Rennie's handover (and golf game)

Bob Rennie is 60 years old and looks several years younger, but that hasn’t prevented the founder of the eponymous real estate marketing company from thinking about retirement. “I have my golf game, you know,” he laughs, referring to his...

Nov 8, 2016
John Fluevog's big shoes to fill

John Fluevog is puffing a little as he climbs Soames Hill, near the Sunshine Coast property where the 67-year-old finds himself spending more and more time. The founder and sole owner of Fluevog Shoes is far from retired, but he’s...

Apr 26, 2016
Boris Wertz: Silicon Valley contrarian

There’s a second-storey office on Vancouver’s West Pender Street, across from Pacific Centre Mall, that seems to illustrate the way that tech startups are rescuing a British Columbia economy that would otherwise be teetering on the edge of a resource-industry cliff. Three years ago the floor was home to BuildDirect...

Apr 29, 2015
What Alberta can learn from B.C.'s brush with death

Dear Alberta, As you may be aware, there’s a province in our Dominion whose reliance on a single resource industry has made it rich beyond measure. Thanks to this industry, which accounts for a huge proportion of the GDP and workforce, the province has vacuumed residents from every other Canadian locale...

Apr 2, 2015
Buying real estate in B.C.? Here are the 3 best areas to do so

To stock market investors, the phrase “wall of worry” refers to the negative factors that a market must surmount if it is to keep ascending. The wall can sometimes prevent other people from making sound decisions, possibly to the benefit of the investor. Well, the wall of worry also pertains to...

Mar 10, 2015
Vancouver's problem isn't high housing costs, it's stagnant incomes

Housing affordability has been a Vancouver preoccupation for three decades, and not without reason. High housing costs take a toll on the well-being of residents, on the texture of the city, and not least on the economy, by distorting labour markets and diverting capital from more productive investments. Following last...

Feb 26, 2015
Angus Reid: a timeline of the famous pollster's life

This past fall, Angus Reid launched Angus Reid Institute, a new research company that sounds a lot like some of his old research companies, with one very big difference. Angus Reid Institute doesn’t want your business nor anyone else’s. Instead, it’s a non-profit foundation modelled on the U.S. Pew Research...

Nov 24, 2014
Burnaby, Kamloops and the battle for Trans Mountain

There’s no sign on the door of Kinder Morgan Canada’s project office in a Burnaby industrial park, and visitors have to be buzzed in. It’s just a project office, of course, so maybe it’s understandable that the park’s business directory should list the tenants as that old apartment building standby...

Jul 1, 2014
Christine Day's New Venture

Christine Day and Stephen Sidwell are trying to find a quiet corner of the Anaheim Convention Center to talk to a reporter. This is the big Natural Products Expo West trade show, but (sadly perhaps) the two Vancouverites will not be presiding at a booth, buttonholing passersby or showing off previously...

Jun 4, 2012
B.C. Golf Industry Gears Up

So there’s an exceptionally loyal British Columbian who prefers to eat local, buy local, play local. Some of the playing this homer indulges in is on the golf course. Could he or she even equip local? Emphatically, yes. In fact...

Nov 7, 2011
Development Wars in Vancouver Island's Union Bay

Two historical forces that shaped Vancouver Island meet stiff resistance as residents 
square off against a developer’s vision of 
leafy residential streets and a coal miner’s plans for a massive underground mine.

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