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May 22, 2019
The Post Demographic, Instalment 5: Give a Damn Vancouver draws a charitable crowd

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Warren Schindler and Martin McNish, two young men who give a damn. I know they give a damn because, along with a few friends, they have launched a unique philanthropic organization called Give...

Apr 3, 2019
The Post Demographic, Instalment 4: Why can’t we just leave the millennials alone?

Recently, a friend sent me yet another article about the millennials single-handedly making something unhappy happen. In this case, they’re apparently running en masse to outdoor gear stores and buying up fleece, Birkenstocks and even denim coveralls. Why? Because apparently they’re...

Jan 11, 2019
The Post Demographic, Instalment 3: Demographic stereotypes take a beating from one tough female entrepreneur

Meet Kate Bradley Chernis. Her runaway-success tech startup, Lately, sprang from battling a three-headed Hydra of demographic stereotypes. 1. In the tech world, being a woman isn’t the norm. There’s a lot of pandering, shoulder punching and good intentions when it...

Dec 20, 2018
The Post Demographic, Instalment 2: What happens after the sharing economy disrupts home ownership?

This is an invitation to have a big think about how the new sharing economy will impact the costliest item most people will ever contend with: their home. As baby boomers age and downsize, as new homebuyers enter the market...

Nov 26, 2018
The Post Demographic, Instalment 1: Demographics are dead—and that’s a good thing

In the first instalment of his new column for BCBusiness since ending his popular weekly rant One Brand Clapping, David Allison sets the stage for what’s next—in this space, and in the world around us. Hello there! Let’s start this way...think for...

Oct 26, 2015
How David Allison is embracing the entrepreneurial lifestyle

I’m sitting at my desk this morning, enjoying an enormous espresso and wondering why there are no yellow sticky notes left, when it hits me: I have to go buy those sticky notes myself. Over the past decade I built a very successful real estate development marketing company, B/A Marketing Buildings, which...

Feb 2, 2011
One Brand Clapping Makes Its Exit

It’s been great couple of years, hasn’t it? We’ve strolled hand in hand through the forests of marketing, examining the old growth, taking note of the saplings. But there is a time to every purpose, and the time has come to lay to rest my weekly rumination on Vancouver branding, One...

Jan 13, 2011
Five Consumer Trends to Know in 2011

The holiday season hangover period is a great time to analyze consumer spending habits, target consumer trends and gear up for 2011. Consumer-purchasing habits become magnified when holiday shopping is in full swing. We can learn so much about consumer trends that will help us market our brands and businesses by simply observing.

Nov 17, 2010
Pushing the Boundaries of Print

A Stockholm-based company is reimagining the traditional print medium – with the world's first wearable magazine. Media is arriving in all forms. And something truly innovative just landed on the publishing industry’s doorstep. A company in Sweden is pushing the boundaries of print with the world’s first wearable magazine. Fashion statement or conversation piece – either way, I love it.

Nov 12, 2010
The Social Media Secrets of Old Spice

Social media isn't all fun and games. It takes brains too. Not long ago, Old Spice saluted its one million Facebook fans with what Adfreak referred to as an “explosively awesome image.” Awesome indeed. The fiery explosion, the powerful No. 1 finger salute, the soaring eagle wings, the laurels, the tall ship – the image is a feast for the eyes. And the additional message to fans is as equally awesome:

Oct 20, 2010
10 Principles for Building Up Your Brand Strategy

“Business is changing, but the principles of strong brands still hold true.” Interbrand is a 36-year-old branding company that manages the brands of some of the biggest companies in the world. They’ve been kind enough to publish online what their guiding principles are for good branding, and they make a lot...

Oct 12, 2010
Gap Gets Bullied Out of Its New Logo

Uh-oh. Perhaps the Gap should have taken advantage of social media before it rolled out its new logo. Popular American clothing brand Gap rolled out their new logo last week without much fanfare. The public’s reaction to it, on the other hand, was an entirely different story.

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