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Emira Mears

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Mar 8, 2011
Rethinking Competition: A Feminist Approach to Small Business

In Germaine Greer's recent interview on CBC’s Q, the feminist icon and author identified teamwork as an issue that women need to address to improve their role in society. She noted that overworked women need to stop competing with each...

Jan 17, 2011
Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders

What needs to change to see more women in leadership positions? Facebook's COO is on a crusade for change. Facebook’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg, recently gave a TED talk on women in leadership positions. She is candid, admitting to her own blind spots in seeing the women around her, and she shares the limitations she has faced as a female business leader. Her perspective is valuable for leaders of either gender. Sandberg's advice to women in business...

Jan 5, 2011
A New Year's Resolution for Small Business

Is it possible that entrepreneurs – famous for their energy and invention – are allergic to celebrating their own business success? As a new year dawns, resolutions thicken the air. I’d like to give B.C. small business owners a New Year’s challenge of my own – to celebrate their success. That may sound flimsy, but, as many entrepreneurs know, marking your victories is not as easy as it sounds.

Dec 15, 2010
The Entrepreneurial Mama Who Rocks

Some weeks the delicate mother-entrepreneur balance makes you feel like a mama who rocks. You manage to knock item after item off your to-do list; the baby’s food is handmade and stocked up in the freezer; you make it for...

Nov 4, 2010
Surviving a Small Business Catastrophe

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, unpredictability is part of the game. But when the truly unexpected occurs, how do you recover? Entrepreneurs face countless unknowns when starting a business. Can we build a loyal customer base? Can we balance the cash flow? Will our hard work pay off? While many of us manage to balance courageous optimism and prudent planning, the majority never prepare for the flood that drowns our premises.

Oct 27, 2010
Tips for Bringing Your Baby to Meetings

Last month an image (at left) of Italian Member of European Parliament Licia Ronzulli attending a voting session made its rounds of the Internet. She wore a well-cut navy business suit accessorized with her infant daughter in a sling. Ronzulli made...

Oct 5, 2010
The Magic Ingredient in Work-Life Balance

As I signed out a copy of Laura Vanderkam’s 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think while soothing my infant daughter, rocking her stroller back and forth, I thought I caught a smirk cross the face of the...

Sep 9, 2010
Sexism, Douche and Start-up Culture

Two extremely thought-provoking "articles" (I'm using the term loosely) on the topic of women in business crossed my path recently. The first was a musing, from a smart and successful female entrepreneur, on why more women aren't running start-ups, particularly...

Aug 11, 2010
Better Insurance Options for Small Business

A while back, I wrote a post – streaked with moaning, griping, and general irritation – about my struggles in finding an adequate benefits plan as a small business owner. The challenge was finding an affordable plan that offered reasonable...

Jul 15, 2010
The Loneliness of the Entrepreneur (and Parent)

A word to wise parents and businesspeople: share your victories, by all means, but don't weep and gnash your teeth alone.  Metaphors that span business and parenting are easy to come by. Entrepreneurs often refer to their business as “their baby,” and talk of growing and shaping it, much as you would with a child. As I make my way through the early days of parenting a newborn, I’m noticing another thread that binds parenting and entrepreneurship. It takes the form...

Jun 17, 2010
Government Grants for B.C. Small Business

I know, I know: the idea of applying for small-business government grants can drive one to drink. But there’s a great online tool to help you in your search. Read on. Lately I've got government grants on the mind – pretty hot stuff, I know. More government forms (in addition to the ones for PST, GST, WCB and now HST) may not be your idea of a good day at work, but the idea of getting cash to help grow your...

Jun 1, 2010
The Final Word on Business Partnerships

If there's one thing I learned, writing our book, The Boss of You, it's that I have opinions and knowledge about running a business gleaned from my years of experience – and that there are hoards of other folks full...

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