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Emira Mears

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May 20, 2010
Finding the Right Business Partner

Finding the right business partner doesn't mean you have to find a soulmate. But it does mean you should ask yourself a few questions to narrow the list. After last week's piece on the pros and cons of working with a business partner/partners, you might be wondering if the business partner you chose was the one. Or, in the case that you've already found a potential partner(s), how you go about evaluating whether or not your match is going to make...

May 12, 2010
Business Partnerships, Pros and Cons

Thinking about forming a business partnership? Here's a list of pros and cons from a 10-year veteran to consider before you make the leap. After 10 years of business with no memorable fights or major disagreements, one might think that I'd be an expert at guiding folks to find the perfect business partner and establishing a solid working relationship.  

Apr 8, 2010
Childcare for the Entrepreneur

Why the severe lack of childcare in B.C. is especially problematic for the self-employed. My daughter just turned two months old today and as she finally settled in for her morning nap, I ran down to our basement home office (baby monitor in hand) to cross a few things off my to-do list. On today's list: some business related to a pending office move for my company and phone calls to make to get my daughter on daycare wait lists.

Mar 24, 2010
Health Care and the Small Business

With all the recent drama about American health care, it's easy to brag about how good we have it. But many folks don't realize how hard the situation for small business owners is. Here's my situation. I'm a business owner in B.C. I run a small business (currently four employees and two partners) that has been thriving here in Vancouver for 10+ years now. My partner is likewise a small business owner, running an hair salon in Vancouver's Gastown, which he's...

Mar 12, 2010
Municipal Elections and the Corporate Vote

Should businesses again be allowed a vote in B.C. municipal elections? In 1993, after a review, Mike Harcourt took away the vote from from corporations. But as our electoral system comes under review – including looking seriously at proportional representation in municipal elections – the issue of the corporate vote is again on the table. 

Mar 11, 2010
What's Up with Millennials?

Kids in their twenties think they deserve good pay. Are they greedy, unreasonable, or on the right track? Scrolling through my Twitter feed the other day, I came across this article about Generation Y on the Titled "Millennials seek work's benefits: leisure, money," it got me thinking about the generational differences I've observed and discussed with other business owners.

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