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Jul 1, 2011
On Guard Against Counterfeit Goods

As the exploding market for 
counterfeit goods has proven, 
authenticity isn’t everything – 
even if you can spot it. The pale, hairless leg nudges mine again and my annoyance turns in an instant to excitement at the first glimpse of the bare skin above the sock. Another nudge and I lean in closer, mesmerized.

Apr 4, 2011
Travelling to Ystad, Sweden

It’s barely dawn over the Baltic Sea and the morning light brings into view my first crime scene: a stretch of beach where two tortured (but nicely attired) corpses drifted lifelessly to shore, ironically on a lifeboat. Before breakfast, I...

Nov 3, 2010
Travelling to Switzerland

The hills are alive with the sounds of a wheezing, 
gimpy Alpine hiker. Peaceful people the Swiss may be, but I’m taking no chances. I’m packing heat. Deep Heat.
 There are 14 of us on this hike up the Alps near Ticino by the Italian side of the border. For the hard core, including an Austrian (who confesses later that he works as a mountain rescuer), a South African and an Australian, this is nothing compared to hikes they’ve done on Kilimanjaro...

Oct 8, 2010
Privacy for Sale

In the days leading up to the Winter Games, analysts at Fjord West, the Vancouver-based digital interactive arm of global marketing firm Cossette, sat down at their computers and began eavesdropping on the private and not-so-private conversations of tens of...

Jul 7, 2010
Tech Toys of Summer

Look, it’s got a handle! That makes the Bose SoundDock a worthwhile summer gadget, because warm weather is all about spontaneity. Grab some sunscreen, a hat and of course your portable music system with its handy handle and you’re good...

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