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Michael heads up Canada Wide’s editorial team, with a special focus on custom publishing. He has worked as an editor and storyteller for more than 25 years with media outlets including Canadian Business, Alberta Venture and the Vancouver Sun. He has won or been a finalist for more than a dozen journalism awards, and was named the inaugural Editor of the Year by the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association in 2008. Michael specializes in putting complex ideas into formats and language accessible to a wide range of audiences.

Recent Posts on BCBusiness

May 5, 2021
Pacific Trader: Forest products stocks have soared, but CanWel Building Materials may have room yet to grow

The stock: If you’ve made any home improvements lately, you’ll know that the price of lumber has gone through the roof, largely thanks to the pandemic-era obsession with all things domestic. Internet memes are circulating about the lumber-to-bitcoin exchange rate...

Apr 28, 2021
Pacific Trader: Has ReconAfrica discovered the next oil gusher?

The stock: Myth: there are no explorers and producers of oil and gas based in B.C. Also a myth: nobody’s made any money in the sector since oil prices tanked in 2014. Take Vancouver-based Reconnaissance Energy Africa (TSXV:RECO), which came from penny-stock oblivion six months ago to a share price pushing...

Apr 21, 2021
Pacific Trader: Investors see the light with Photon Control

The stock: Add Richmond’s Photon Control (TSX:PHO) to the list of stocks making me smack my forehead with my lightsabre for not snapping up at this time last year. Shares of the maker of advanced instrumentation almost tripled to an...

Apr 14, 2021
Pacific Trader: With gold still shining, Artemis gets set to join the rush

The stock: Fresh off selling Atlantic Gold Corp. to St. Barbara in 2019 for a 1,129-percent return over its 4.5-year tenure, the management team led by chair and CEO Steven Dean formed Artemis Gold (TSXV:ARTG). Its main asset is the Blackwater project southwest of Vanderhoof, which is about a year away from starting construction. The drivers: The...

Apr 7, 2021
Pacific Trader: Will Westport Fuel Systems finally deliver on its carbon-cutting promise?

The stock: The markets bottomed out on March 23 last year amid the shock of COVID-19’s first wave. As a thought exercise, the Globe and Mail ’s David Milstead ran a screen on the performance of the 231 members of the TSX...

Mar 31, 2021
Pacific Trader: Mogo stock has been on a tear. But can the B.C. fintech realize its digital wallet dream?

The stock: Bitcoin! Free stock trades! Cash back on mortgages! Local fintech Mogo (TSX:MOGO) certainly seems to be pressing all the right buttons for investors surfing the froth of the past year’s asset rally. And those who’ve held its stock over during that time have definitely been rewarded, with returns in...

Mar 26, 2021
2021 Investment Guide: How to survive the financial apocalypse

If you’re at a loss as to where to allocate your savings in 2021, you’re not alone. All the mainstream financial asset classes seem set for a fall. There’s a glaring disparity between the recent performance of the stock market and that of the underlying economy, leading many market veterans...

Mar 25, 2021
The Innovators: Structurlam Mass Timber creates the pieces for wood skyscrapers

Tall buildings made of wood are having more than a moment–the number of such construction projects worldwide has taken off over the past five years, with no sign of stopping. And one of the leading global mass timber suppliers is Penticton-based Structurlam Mass Timber Corp. After nearly six decades developing proprietary...

Mar 24, 2021
Pacific Trader: Why West Fraser Timber could keep on growing—whatever happens with housing

The stock: It’s a truism that commodity price spikes benefit the marginal producer more than the quality one; the former’s profits, modest to begin with, increase by a higher order of magnitude than the latter’s. Hence West Fraser Timber Co. (TSX:WFG) has only tripled in value over the past 12 months...

Mar 19, 2021
The Innovators: A&W is bringing sustainability to fast food

What’s innovative about flipping burgers? Well, what if those burgers aren’t made with meat? In the fall of 2018, A&W Food Services of Canada became the first fast-food chain in North America to add plant protein-based Beyond Meat patties to its menu, and unlike another chain with strong Canadian ties...

Mar 18, 2021
The Innovators: International Submarine Engineering’s swimming robots go to places humans can’t

When does a tool become a worker? That’s the fine line International Submarine Engineering is exploring with its autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), used for performing tasks in environments hostile to human beings, such as under polar ice sheets. Port Coquitlam–based ISE’s swimming robots are pre-programmed to do their jobs and...

Mar 17, 2021
Pacific Trader: Does Premium Brands warrant its premium share price?

The stock: Richmond-based Premium Brands Holdings Corp. (TSX:PBH) proves that the consumer staples sector doesn’t have to be dull and defensive. The company is an acquisitor and consolidator, doing for the specialty food processing industry what CGI does for B2B software or Stantec for engineering and architecture. In 2019, PBH attracted...

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