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Michael heads up Canada Wide’s editorial team, with a special focus on custom publishing. He has worked as an editor and storyteller for more than 25 years with media outlets including Canadian Business, Alberta Venture and the Vancouver Sun. He has won or been a finalist for more than a dozen journalism awards, and was named the inaugural Editor of the Year by the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association in 2008. Michael specializes in putting complex ideas into formats and language accessible to a wide range of audiences.

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May 11, 2022
Pacific Trader: Can CloudMD stage a miraculous recovery?

The stock: Two years ago, at the start of the pandemic, the idea of providing digital health care services was just what the doctor ordered—or was that her investment advisor? With its aggressive acquisition strategy, CloudMD Software & Services (TSXV:DOC)...

Apr 27, 2022
Pacific Trader: This junior miner’s 500-percent rise will help you forget the markets’ woes

The stock: Some weeks it’s best for your sanity, if not your portfolio’s value, to tune out the market noise and think about long-term wealth creation. That’s what the investors in Filo Mining (TSX:FIL) have been doing for the past...

Apr 13, 2022
Pacific Trader: Hardwoods Distribution offers growth on the cheap

The stock: Inflation can be a fickle companion. A year ago, investors had fallen hot and heavy for the building supply sector, whose profits were spiking thanks to a pandemic-driven passion for home improvement. In retrospect, that was a warning...

Mar 30, 2022
Pacific Trader: Can Wall Financial build its way back?

The stock: Its properties literally have a high profile in the Vancouver skyline, but Wall Financial Corp. (TSX:WFC) is a public company that behaves like a private one in many respects. It publishes the bare minimum of disclosure on its corporate website. Ukraine-born entrepreneur and philanthropist Peter Wall, who co-founded...

Mar 16, 2022
Pacific Trader: A clean, green way to profit from the oil and gas gouge

The stock: Investors who have already decarbonized their portfolios find themselves standing uncomfortably on the sidelines as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine drives shares of oil and gas companies to levels not seen since 2014. But wait, there’s a way to...

Mar 2, 2022
Pacific Trader: How AbCellera’s stock can make a full recovery

The stock: When I say that AbCellera Biologics’ stock (NASDAQ:ABCL) has flatlined, that’s an improvement in its condition. After tumbling 85 percent from their perhaps over-exuberant IPO price in December 2020, the Vancouver-based biotech’s shares appear to have found a floor...

Feb 16, 2022
Pacific Trader: Pot products maker The Valens Company is getting higher at last

The stock: The markets are feeling the fear these days. Some sense we’re in an “everything bubble” that’s about to pop. If that’s you, one strategy to limit your downside while still seeking outlying growth opportunities is to pick a...

Feb 2, 2022
Pacific Trader: Mercer International is poised for landslide profits

The stock: Remember the early days of the pandemic, when there was a run on toilet paper? That was a rare moment of joy for pulp and paper, an otherwise forgotten niche of the materials sector. Many investors have dismissed...

Jan 19, 2022
Pacific Trader: “Undervalued” Eldorado Gold surprises on the upside

The stock: Since the acquisition of Goldcorp by Denver-based Newmont Mining Corp. (TSX:NGT, NYSE:NEM) in 2019, B.C. has lacked an obvious standard bearer in the gold mining space. But mid-tier producer Eldorado Gold (TSX:ELD, NYSE:EGO) certainly deserves a look. Over...

Jan 5, 2022
Pacific Trader: Old versus new energy—who won in ’21?

Taking a look back at the 37 B.C.-based stocks we profiled in 2021 brings some intriguing contrasts, such as the battle between those tied to old and new energy sources. The best performance for the full calendar year goes to...

Dec 22, 2021
Pacific Trader: Bargain-priced BBTV could be an opportunity to swing for the fences

The stock: If clicks were all dollars, BBTV Holdings (TSX:BBTV) would be a money-spinning behemoth like its competitors for screen time, Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL) and Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:FB). The Vancouver-based firm counted more than 600 million unique visitors consuming in excess...

Dec 8, 2021
Pacific Trader: Rogers Sugar thrives on our sweet addiction

The stock: The visions of sugarplums dancing in your head at this time of year serve as a reminder that Rogers Sugar (TSX:RSI), at 131 years of age one of B.C.’s oldest companies, probably still has many good years ahead...

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