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Mar 4, 2013
Power Lunch: Miku

Locked in the heart of Vancouver’s financial district is one of the city’s Japanese gems: Miku. It’s filled every day with bankers looking for good sushi and sake, so lunchtime reservations are a must for anyone looking for a spot...

Mar 4, 2013
Comfort Clothing: Squeezeease Therapy's Autism Vest

Named after a form of sensory therapy that involves minimizing stimulus by providing the feeling of a firm hug, the Deep Pressure Therapy Snug Vest inflates and applies pressure to the body, which reduces the stress-causing hormones adrenalin and cortisol.

Feb 27, 2013
Canadian Transit Prices on the Rise

Vancouverites have long lamented the continued rise in transit prices, the most recent of which came in January 2013. But how exactly does Vancouver stack up against cities across the country: are prices as high as we'd like to believe? Below is a breakdown of how much a single-use transit pass...

Feb 26, 2013
Change Coming to Vancouver's Laneway Housing Program

In a bid to increase urban density, Vancouver is looking at expanding its laneway housing program. Launched in 2009, the program has seen 800 permits for laneway houses issued, with north of 500 being built over the past four years. While originally six per cent of single-family housing zones were not...

Feb 12, 2013
WestJet Announces Destinations For Regional Carrier

On February 11, 2013 WestJet announced Fort St. John and Nanaimo as the first two destinations for the carrier’s new regional service, Encore. Service is set to start June 24, 2013 and the regional carrier will run daily flights from each city to Calgary, with an additional service between Vancouver...

Feb 8, 2013
Vancouver Rental Database Goes Live

On February 6, 2013 Vancouver’s City Hall launched a database listing all of the single occupancy hotels and private apartments that have received bylaw infractions or violations during the past year. The database, which came from a motion passed last January, allows potential renters to check the database for any...

Feb 6, 2013
Vancouver to Beijing Flights to Increase

On February 5, 2013 Air China announced that they will be increasing the weekly flights between Beijing and Vancouver. Starting on May 17, 2013 the airline will up its offerings from seven to 11 weekly flights, hoping to capitalize on the upsurge of Chinese tourists that came from the Approved...

Feb 4, 2013
Culture: Does the Heart Good

Valentine’s Day may be no joke to florists and chocolatiers, but it’s sure to be complete buffoonery at Vancouver’s annual Comedy Fest. During the 10-day festival jokers from Vancouver and further afield will take the stage at such traditional comedy...

Feb 4, 2013
Bruce Knapp, Managing Principal, B+H Architects Inc.

An alumnus of UBC’s School of Architecture, Bruce Knapp has recently been called to helm the Vancouver practice of B+H Architects Inc. After some notable internal shifts – including a rebranding last fall – B+H’s Vancouver shop is primed for a change again, and the global architecture firm is betting that B.C.-born-and-bred Knapp is just the man for the job.

Feb 4, 2013
How to Handle Staff Departures

Whether they retire, leave to pursue a new opportunity or are let go, the departure of top-level staff means big changes, uncertainty and often stress. How should employers guide their staff through this tumultuous time? We asked three experts: Richard...

Dec 31, 2012
How To Quit a Job With Class

The good news: you’ve been offered an excellent new position at a company you’ve long wanted to join. The bad news: you now need to quit your current job while maintaining the goodwill (and, hopefully, great reference) you’ve spent so...

Dec 31, 2012
Pork Producers Face Cost Crisis

“Don’t mess with people’s bacon,” warns Geraldine Auston, general manager of the B.C. Pork Producers Association and the B.C. Hog Marketing Commission. In a world where there’s a demand for Baconnaise (just as it sounds: a bacon-flavoured mayonnaise product), Auston’s...

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