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Mar 2, 2018
Surrey by Design: The city shifts its focus

From his 18th-floor window—cranes on the skyline, construction crews below—Michael Heeney sees his new job as city builder all around him. Last September the architect took the helm of Surrey City Development Corp. (SCDC), the for-profit agency that works at...

Dec 6, 2017
How Vancouver's industrial land crunch is pushing businesses out of town

Peter Spotzl runs a small metal fabricating business in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. Since 2016, he’s watched the tax bill for his leased property surge by a whopping $20,000. Spotzl says he now pays $83,000 in taxes annually, thanks to...

Sep 12, 2017
How Vancouver property developers cash in on community gardens

At the corner of Alma Street and West 10th Avenue in Vancouver, a long-standing vacant lot that was once a gas station has recently become a 24,000-square-foot garden brimming with vegetables, fruit and flowers. Neighbourhood gardeners who make use of its...

Aug 2, 2017
Why some corporate head offices put down roots in Vancouver

When you’re a wellness company surrounded by a coastal rainforest, you’ve got a built-in one-with-nature branding that money can’t buy. Why go anywhere else? Vancouver’s geographic gifts are a large part of the reason that Saje Natural Wellness is staying...

Sep 26, 2016
Little Mountain and the future of social housing in B.C.

Ingrid Steenhuisen was an infant when she and her family moved into their 750-square-foot unit at Vancouver’s Little Mountain—also known as “the projects.” But Steenhuisen didn’t think of her home as low-income housing that would, over the decades, earn a...

Mar 2, 2016
Vancouver's great faulty tower debate

Developer Daniel Boffo knew what he was getting into when his company, Boffo Properties, proposed a midrise tower at the northern end of Commercial Drive’s retail strip. Of all Vancouver’s neighbourhoods, Grandview-Woodlands is the most likely to mobilize against the mere glimmer of gentrification. As well, for a lot of...

Nov 4, 2015
Outgoing Vancouver chief planner Brian Jackson speaks out: BCB exclusive

Vancouver’s chief planner Brian Jackson leaves his City of Vancouver post Friday after three years on the job—and his fair share of controversy. The Richmond native’s journey through the public sector has taken him from B.C.’s Ministry of Lands, Parks and Housing in Victoria to the City of Toronto to...

Jul 2, 2015
Life after (traditional) book publishing

It’s been a rocky ride for the world of publishing in recent years. The merger of Random House and Penguin created a behemoth that shrank options across the board—for authors and agents looking for deals, and for small publishers struggling to compete. The independent North American bookseller has all but...

Mar 10, 2015
What Vancouver can learn from San Francisco on housing

Vancouverites aren’t the only West Coasters to find themselves pushed farther and farther outside the urban core by high real estate prices. San Francisco is also feeling the heat of hyper real estate values. But while the extreme wealth that has descended on the Vancouver market is mostly foreign, in...

Aug 5, 2013
Surrey, the Startup City

From his glass-enclosed office high above downtown Surrey, Jim Cox has a panoramic view all the way from Vancouver to Mt. Baker. The president and CEO of Surrey City Development Corp. is also looking upon the future. Below him, there is the crane-dotted city rising from the ground—the half-built new city...

Mar 5, 2012
Vancouver's Emerging Reality TV Empire

Vancouver has become the darling of the 
TV world for production of reality, or unscripted, TV shows, attracting the likes 
of Oprah Winfrey as well as Canada’s biggest TV producers. But can the local industry 
outlast the flavour of the day?

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