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Vancouver writer John Thomson specializes in architectural issues, urban design and travel. He writes for broadcast, print and the Web.

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Dec 21, 2015
Why an economist picked Kamloops over Vancouver. Hint: it has to do with the commute

An average morning for Joel Wood used to begin with a 20-minute drive from his Langley home. He would arrive at a park-and-ride in South Surrey, board a bus to a Canada Line station, then take a train into Vancouver. From there, it was just one more bus ride to...

Aug 22, 2014
Why Lululemon is wary of wearable tech

Perhaps put off by the wearable tech failures of companies like Nike, which discontinued FuelBand earlier this year, Brian Peterson of Lululemon’s product development arm (known as Whitespace) said Thursday that the company is approaching the wearables market with caution. “A lot of the value that users are getting is fleeting,”...

Aug 20, 2014
FounderDating: It's like OkCupid for entrepreneurs

Those hours spent together can make or break a company, regardless of how good the idea is. How, then, can someone with a great plan find a person they can work with who has the skills they need? Enter FounderDating, a site that promotes itself as a way for co-founders...

Jun 26, 2014
General Fusion Adds NASA, White House Talent

General Fusion Inc. announced Tuesday that it has appointed astronaut Mark Kelly and former Environmental Protection Agency administrator Carol M. Browner to its nine-member advisory council. “It’s a great step forward in getting outside expertise from some of the best people in the world for the different challenges we’re trying to...

Jun 25, 2014
Startup Pilots a Social Network for Condos

“We think that neighbours should be neighbours,” says Joseph Nakhla, founder of Bazinga Technologies Inc. Compared to his grandmother’s native Egypt, where her relatives regularly used their neighbour’s landline—the only at the building—at all hours, living in Vancouver can be an isolating experience. A 2012 Vancouver Foundation report found that...

Jun 12, 2014
Chip Wilson Takes on Lululemon Board

Lululemon founder Chip Wilson failed to convince investors Wednesday to fire board members Michael Casey and RoAnn Costin. Their reappointment was confirmed at the shareholders’ meeting at the Shangri-la Hotel in Vancouver following a vote at the Annual General Meeting. Wednesday morning, just prior to the investors’ meeting, Wilson released a...

Apr 4, 2014
Startup Fest Gives Companies a Chance to Pitch

On a monitor, Maryam Sadeghi, the CEO of health tech startup MetaOptima, is displaying pictures of moles: some cancerous, others benign. Her company’s patented app and hardware helps doctors figure out which is which. They launch in the fall, or so they hope. MetapOptima is one of dozens of fledgling companies...

Sep 20, 2013
A Clinic's Fight Against HIV/AIDS Turns To Genetic Testing

Over the past two decades Dr. Julio Montaner and his team at the B.C. Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS at St Paul's Hospital have helped turn what was once a death sentence into a manageable chronic disease. Now, with genetic testing, the researchers who have been on the front lines...

Sep 3, 2012
Crowd-funding Kickstarts Pebble Watch Project

One of Kickstarter’s most successful launches, the Pebble watch, takes two techies one step closer to the big time. Even great ideas can’t launch themselves, and some can be quashed before they see the light of day if early investment can’t be secured. But as former Vancouver buddies Eric Migicovsky and Steve Johns have proven with their record-breaking product, the Pebble “smart” watch, the worldwide public knows what it wants and will invest accordingly.

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