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Sep 10, 2014
Intellectual property still a major concern for Canadian companies in China

Bring your tech firm to China and private intellectual property firms can keep you safe, signaled the Chinese delegation at Tuesday’s Canada China Business Forum. The delegation, from Beijing’s business district Chaoyang, brought the head of a Chinese intellectual property security company to allay the fears of Canadian companies interested...

Jun 16, 2014
'Cheap Land' Draws a Chinese Manufacturer to Vancouver

If a North American company wants to cut manufacturing costs, conventional wisdom dictates that it should ship the work overseas to China. In a reversal, the executive director of a Chinese manufacturing firm says his company will build a new production line in Richmond to cut costs. Raymond Xia, director of...

May 27, 2014
Canada's Mobile Payment Problem

Laura Aslan founded and developed her mobile checkout company, MiniCheckout, in Vancouver, but now she’s testing her app in a grocery store in the U.K. After dealing with too many wary, risk-averse retailers in Canada, Aslan says, she had no choice but to go elsewhere. “Canada is not a great place for...

May 20, 2014
Hardware Beats Software at NextBC Tech Showcase

Hardware and manufacturing companies made a clean sweep of the awards at DigiBC’s NextBC high-tech showcase on Thursday night. Out of 25 contestants for most innovative company, not one software or IT company made the top five, and General Fusion, a fusion-energy company still a decade away from selling a...

May 9, 2014
YVR Recovers from 2008 Slump

President and CEO Craig Richmond finished off a comfortable first year at the head of the Vancouver Airport Authority Thursday, reporting at an annual public meeting that passenger numbers have finally bounced back above their 2008 high. Richmond took over from Larry Berg last June, in time to bask in...

Dec 12, 2013
Calorie-Counting 'Magic Wand' Raises Controversy

There are two ways to see Toronto entrepreneur Isabel Hoffmann: She has either revolutionized the field of food science, or she has crowd-funded nearly $400,000 for a product she can never deliver. According to one B.C. scientist and businessman, it’s probably the latter. Hoffmann is the co-founder of TellSpec, an Ontario...

Dec 2, 2013
Auspicious Eats

January 31 marks the start of the year of the horse. Traditionally, Chinese around the world ring in the new year with fireworks, sweets and a meal at home. Modern affluence and fashion, however, are pushing more Chinese families to celebrate their new year with a meal out. In Vancouver, the Kirin...

Nov 25, 2013
YVR Looks into New Routes to China, South America

Minister of Transport Lisa Raitt will “look into” the Vancouver Airport’s plan to reroute Chinese passengers through Vancouver on the way to South America, her office said after she met with Vancouver Airport Authority President and CEO Craig Richmond earlier this month. Raitt’s office would not comment further on the...

Dec 31, 2012
Keep the Chinese New Year Revenues Flowing In

We tap multicultural experts on ramping up sales for the Chinese New Year. Early next month, Weila Suo will begin her holiday shopping. She will buy new clothes and shoes for her parents, grandparents and twin sister – all of whom live together in Richmond. There will also be decorations, red bunting and lucky symbols, tea, flowers and bags of food and sweets. Sometimes Suo travels back to China for the holidays, which means bottles of Canadian icewine, chocolates or cosmetics...

Dec 3, 2012
The Language of Business

At 8 a.m. sharp on a Saturday morning, Canfor CEO Don Kayne walks downstairs from his office at the company’s Marpole headquarters and opens the door for his Chinese tutor. Yao Zhang follows Kayne back upstairs, past a lacquered green...

Nov 5, 2012
The Rise of Guest Blogging

Try Googling “menopause aromatherapy.” Somewhere in the first dozen results, on a health blog for menopausal women, you will find a short article by Meriel Blake. Blake is a blogger and “supplement enthusiast,” says a footnote, who is excited to...

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