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Apr 1, 2014
Bitcoin's Big Break

Canada’s open-mindedness toward technology and its enviable history of stable banking practices make our country one of the world’s prime locations to work with bitcoins, and Vancouver has proven an enthusiastic early adopter. Certain countries, such as China and India, have been wary of the virtual “crypto-currency” since the beginning; China’s...

Mar 3, 2014
Yes to Equity Crowdfunding

When the province of Saskatchewan announced in December it would officially allow equity-based crowdfunding, the rest of us were caught off guard with its impressively forward thinking. Equity crowdfunding allows startups and small businesses to sell securities such as shares and limited partnership units that represent ownership of the company. This...

Feb 3, 2014
Vancouver: Innovation Hub?

We live in an age of sharing. Things we didn’t share at all before, such as what we ate for lunch, now plaster every virtual wall on the Internet. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with sharing. And, judging by the traffic to meme sites and funny YouTube videos and kitten-based...

Jan 6, 2014
B.C.'s Tech Industry in 2014

The new year can be a fresh start for worn-down tech entrepreneurs and their strained startups. In fact, a new year can rejuvenate an entire city, and that’s what I believe will happen to Vancouver in 2014. I think it’s going to be driven by four developments, which combined lead...

Dec 2, 2013
Vancouver's Wearable-Tech Stars

In 2012, Vancouver-born Eric Migicovsky took to Kickstarter to raise money for his Pebble smart watch. By the time the campaign ended, 68,929 people had pledged a combined $10,266,845. What everyone talked about then was that Pebble technology had legitimized crowdfunding in a significant way by proving you can raise...

Nov 4, 2013
B.C.'s Dearth of Developers

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is due to retire next year after 13 years at the helm of one of the world’s most prominent technology companies. He has been a polarizing and often-mocked figure during his lengthy tenure, inspiring Internet memes and viral YouTube videos. One video in particular that’s difficult...

Oct 7, 2013
B.C.'s Finest Entrepreneurs

This year marks two decades of Ernst & Young’s annual awards and the talent is as impressive as ever, especially in the tech space. For example, there’s Jeff Booth and Robert Banks, whose firm BuildDirect was in business for 10 years prior to receiving venture capital funding; Igor Faletski, John...

Sep 3, 2013
Dead on Arrival?

In March Facebook announced plans to set up shop in Vancouver. The world’s largest social network sought up to 150 staff, mostly software-engineer graduates, to work at its new office, which will serve as a boot camp to train potential full-time employees. Less than three months later, social-media heavyweight Twitter...

Aug 14, 2013
Five Must-Meet GROW Attendees

The GROW Conference returns to Vancouver today and hundreds of startups will be attending the two-day event, as well as prominent investors, founders, press and pioneers. According to GoInstant founder Jevon MacDonald (acquired last year by Salesforce), what really sets GROW apart is "its ability to bring smaller companies together with...

Aug 5, 2013
GROW Deepens Its Roots

Events are either worth your time and money or they’re not. The GROW Conference has been, since its launch in 2010, the former. It began when San Francisco’s DealMaker Media, the organization behind the popular Under the Radar series of innovation events, pulled together a robust lineup of speakers for...

Jul 2, 2013
Six B.C. Startups Experience the Sweet Valley High

Forty-eight hours isn’t a lot of time to regular folks. To the average person, it’s not even half of their workweek. And it’s barely enough time to catch up on one’s favourite TV shows. It’s a length of time that can be, and often is, easily and utterly wasted. But for...

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