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Jan 3, 2019
Big Fat Deal: $4.5 million to live an authentic life in East Van

Address: 1925 Adanac Street, Vancouver Price: $4,488,000 Listing: R2327766 The skinny: Three-bedroom, two-bathroom, 2,646-square-foot house on a 7,886-square-foot lot in Grandview-Woodland The bling: New year, new you. It’s time to reach deep within and scratch around for that kernel of authenticity you’ve been yearning for. Bring...

Dec 20, 2018
Big Fat Deal: $5 million to live a Hallmark life in Abbotsford

Address: 450 Laxton Street, Abbotsford Price: $5,300,000 Listing: R2317362 The skinny: Four-bedroom, four-bathroom, 4,738-square-foot house on 80 acres in Abbotsford The bling: It’s the image of that perfect North American life you’ve been dreaming of. A big house on a big lake, with nothing but happy...

Dec 13, 2018
Big Fat Deal: $12.5 million to end the year awash in South Granville luxury

Address: 6633 Cartier Street, Vancouver Price: $12,500,000 Listing: R2323673 The skinny: Six-bedroom, eight-bathroom, 8,092-square-foot house on a 14,835-square-foot lot in South Granville The bling: It’s that time of year when we take stock. We look at what we’ve achieved and what more we could have done.

Dec 6, 2018
Big Fat Deal: $4 million for a fat-free McModern in Dunbar

Address: 3956 West 32nd Avenue, Vancouver Price: $4,128,000 Listing: R2325680 The skinny: Five-bedroom, four-bathroom, 3,008-square-foot house on a 4,291-square-foot lot in Dunbar The bling: Thinking is hard. Sometimes, all you want is to walk into somewhere familiar and get exactly the same thing you’ve had a...

Nov 29, 2018
Big Fat Deal: $9 million for a six-storey batcave in Whistler

Address: 3350 Panorama Ridge, Whistler Price: $8,998,000 Listing: W038528 The skinny: Four-bedroom, five-bathroom, 4,704-square-foot chalet in Whistler The bling: Batcave alert: this six-storey Whistler icon is built into a cliff, is accessed via an elevator from underground and features an indoor-outdoor waterway that flows through...

Nov 22, 2018
Big Fat Deal: $8 million to live in an ugly blob of brown in Shaughnessy

Address: 3980 Cartier Street, Vancouver Price: $7,980,000 Listing: R2215230 The skinny: Five-bedroom, four-bathroom, 5,318-square-foot house on a 9,958-square-foot lot in Vancouver The bling: First Shaughnessy, baby! This how you know you’ve arrived in the real luxury leagues. Believe us, there is no better way...

Nov 15, 2018
Big Fat Deal: $17 million to live in an Arthur Erickson masterpiece

Address: 1056 Groveland Road, West Vancouver Price: $16,800,000 Listing: R2322387 The skinny: Four-bedroom, four-bathroom, 5,887-square-foot house on 1.18 acres of the British Properties The bling: Rich people, we know we often lambaste you for having poor taste, for following fashion, for flinging gold leaf and...

Nov 8, 2018
Big Fat Deal: $11 million for a modest mountain getaway

Address: 4961 Horstman Lane, Whistler Price: $10,995,000 Listing: W036036 The skinny: Five-bedroom, seven-bathroom, 5,090-square-foot house on a 9,015-square-foot lot in Whistler. The bling: Check your calendars: it’s time to get the winter chores out of the way. Snow tires on, skis waxed, and staff...

Nov 1, 2018
Big Fat Deal: $4.5 million to make Vancouver great again

Address: 4063 W 28th Avenue, Vancouver Price: $4,500,000 Listing: R2315305 The skinny: Four-bedroom, two-bathroom, 2,999-square-foot house on a 6,760-square-foot lot in Dunbar The bling: Where to begin? This beautiful bespoke residence offers everything the modern family could wish for. A simple, well-used interior takes...

Oct 25, 2018
Big Fat Deal: $11 million for a grownup playpen in West Vancouver

Address: 2187 Gisby Street, West Vancouver Price: $10,800,000 Listing: R2244569 The skinny: Five-bedroom, eight-bathroom, 7,405-square-foot house on a 27,502-square-foot lot in West Van The bling: Leisure. It’s your life, right? You’ve got the money to play all day, and my goodness, you’re going to...

Oct 18, 2018
Big Fat Deal: $5 million for a mountain cabin fit for royalty in Coquitlam

Address: 3717 Victoria Drive, Coquitlam Price: $5,280,000 MLS: R2282409 The skinny: Four-bedroom, six-bathroom, 4,254-square-foot house on six acres of Burke Mountain The bling: Enough with the bland. Who wants to be like all the other rich people in the street with their Italian marble...

Oct 11, 2018
Big Fat Deal: $4.5 million to live in monotonous mediocrity in Abbotsford

Address: 1116 Gladwin Road, Abbotsford Price: $4,500,000 MLS: R2312455 The skinny: Nine-bedroom, nine-bathroom, 10,271 square foot house on 10.67 acres in Abbotsford. The bling: Enough with frippery and flounces: you need a dose of the hard stuff. No pain, no gain, right? Oh yes...

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