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Sep 9, 2015
Trudeau says he'll review soaring real estate prices in Vancouver

We'll look into it The Tories are no longer the only party to promise to look at Vancouver's stratospheric house prices. On Wednesday in Toronto, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau announced that, if elected, his government would "review escalating home prices in high-priced markets—like Vancouver and Toronto—to keep home ownership within reach." As for...

Sep 3, 2015
B.C. gets a 'B' for innovation: report

Second-tier studentB.C. is better than most provinces when it comes to innovation, but there's room to grow—with countries likes Sweden outperforming us. That's according to a new report from the Conference Board of Canada on innovation. The "report card"—which doles out letter grades accordingly—compares Canada, 10 provinces and 15 other...

Sep 1, 2015
Infographic: B.C.'s big new art galleries

WHAT THE B.C. GOVERNMENT SPENDS ON ART $1.47 million: Amount that went toward museums in 2015$24 million: Annual budget of the provincially funded BC Arts Council$60 million: Annual amount the province spends on arts and culture$500 million: Amount the province claims to have spent since 2001Source: government of B.C. British Columbia isn’t...

Aug 31, 2015
Vancouver, Toronto real estate markets gone rogue: RBC

Market: Impossible While real estate prices in the rest of Canada remain relatively stable—with balanced supply and demand ratios and gradual price increases reflective of years past—this is not so in Vancouver and Toronto, according to an RBC report released Monday. “The Toronto and Vancouver markets really stand out because of their...

Aug 26, 2015
B.C. trails Canada in salary projections

BEST CITIES FOR WORK IN B.C. Check out our exclusive ranking of 36 cities across the province.Click here >> Money, money, moneyBritish Columbians are expected to see an average salary increase of 2.3 per cent next year, compared to 2015's 2.6 per cent increase, according to a report released Wednesday from management consulting firm...

Aug 21, 2015
Vancouver's Eldorado Gold halts Greek mines, 2,000 jobs at stake

Clash of the Titans Times are tough in Greece, apparently. And not just for Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who resigned this week: Vancouver's Eldorado Gold Corp. has suspended its Halkidiki region mines and related operations following a disagreement with the Greek Energy Ministry over approvals. Eldorado had conducted technical tests in...

Aug 18, 2015
Is Vancouver once again the Economist's most livable city?

Just a bronze cityVancouver is not the most livable city on planet Earth. Once a year, the Economist puts out a much-publicized list letting the world know just how nice—or not nice—a city each of us lives in. For years, Vancouver ranked No. 1. And then it was Melbourne. The 2015...

Aug 12, 2015
Newspapers are dead? Tell that to B.C.'s ethnic press

Conventional wisdom has it that newspapers are dead, right? Well, somebody forgot to tell B.C.’s ethnic press. “Mainstream media has always been slow in recognizing the ethnic market,” says Harbinder Singh Sewak, publisher of Post Group Multimedia’s three newspapers—the Asian Pacific Post, South Asian Post and Filipino Post—which together distribute 100,000 copies throughout...

Aug 12, 2015
Harper tells Vancouver he would collect data on foreign buyers

We'll look into it A message for Vancouverites (and others, but mostly Vancouverites): if re-elected, Prime Minister Stephen Harper says his government will "commit to collecting comprehensive data on foreign buyer activity in Canada's housing market." The promise was made Wednesday morning from North Vancouver, where Harper is currently campaigning. If indeed...

Aug 11, 2015
How B.C.'s non-winter impacted these 6 industries

Blueberries: A mild winter can be good or bad news for blueberries. The major Fraser Valley crop began budding early this year (February instead of March), which briefly had farmers worrying that a cold snap could kill an otherwise early start. Wineries: As with blueberries, an early spring can help or hurt wine...

Aug 7, 2015
B.C.'s unemployment rate up, some areas hit worse

BEST CITIES FOR WORK IN B.C. Check out our exclusive ranking of 36 cities across the province.Click here >> Well, it could be worse B.C.'s unemployment rate ticked upward in July according to Statistics Canada's latest Labour Force Survey released Friday. Now at 6 per cent, unemployment in B.C. is lower than in...

Aug 3, 2015
As Harper continues mass handouts, here's what B.C. gets

Spending spree Before kicking off campaign season this Sunday, the Conservative government last week pulled the trigger on a long list of handouts over the course of just a few days. The result: on Thursday alone, the federal government handed out over $1 billion across Canada—$1.2 billion, by one estimate—according to...

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