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Nov 22, 2021
Go Figure: From milk to artisan cheese, the province’s multibillion-dollar dairy industry earns its bread and butter

Want to help B.C. dairy farms that were devastated by the recent floods? You can donate to this fundraiser organized on behalf of the BC Dairy Association. Dairy is the province’s No. 1 agricultural product by value, generating 18% of all...

Oct 8, 2021
Go Figure: Counting the ways work in B.C. may never be the same post-pandemic

76.8% of British Columbians who shifted to remote work during the pandemic want to keep working at least half of their hours from home 28% said they worked longer hours More than 1/4 of Canadian professionals say they’re more likely to want...

Aug 16, 2021
Go Figure: As telecom carriers implement new anti-spoofing technology, we look at who's calling whom in B.C.

14,085,042 - Phone numbers on Canada’s National Do Not Call List as of April 2021 38,367 - B.C. phone numbers added in the 2019-20 year The CRTC got 15,352 complaints about phone scams and 13,370 complaints about telemarketers in 2020 B.C. scam and telemarketing...

May 18, 2021
Go Figure: We crack the tab on B.C.’s soda pop industry

1858 B.C.’s first soda bottling works, Alexander Phillips, founded in Victoria 101 Minimum number of soda pop companies operating in the province between then and the early 1900s 74 B.C. soft drink and ice producers in 2019 21.5% of the national total 31.1% are one-person shows $1,627,700,000 Total...

Apr 13, 2021
Go Figure: 365 Days of Solitude (and counting)

2/3 of British Columbians say they’re coping well with the pandemic 72,063 - estimated business closures in B.C., March-October 2020 +24.6% YoY 66,484 - estimated launches +14.3% YoY B.C.’s top 5 industry winners and losers by employment, December 2019 vs. 2020 Utilities: +55.1% Agriculture: +14% Natural resources: +13.7% Manufacturing: +8.4% Professional, scientific and technical services: +6.9% Construction: -11.7% Information, culture...

Nov 13, 2020
Go Figure: What you may not know about child care in B.C.

The province took its first steps toward a $10/day child-care plan—just in time for kids to be sent home. As families wait to see what COVID brings this fall, we take a look at what’s changed, and what hasn’t, for working parents in B.C.

Aug 21, 2020
Go Figure: Making it work in a pandemic

At least 700 3D printers have been pressed into service to make face shields and ear savers for health workers through the BC COVID-19 3D Printing Group Companies producing shields for the group or independently include Drop Manufacturing (Nelson), Hollywood Fabricating (Prince George), LNG Studios (Vancouver), Packright Manufacturing (Langley) and Vital Manufacturing (Surrey) 100+ Virtual private...

Jun 23, 2020
Go Figure: Measuring the province’s highest towers

9.4 percent of buildings in B.C. were classified as highrises as of 2016—up 23.5 percent since 2011 In Vancouver: 29.3 percent—up 18.5 percent since 2011 In Victoria: 17.9 percent—up 14.1 percent since 2011 In Kelowna: 3.1 percent—up 46.3% since 2011 B.C. had 106 existing or under-construction skyscrapers (buildings more than...

May 25, 2020
Go Figure: We sketch a picture of B.C.’s private fine art world

At 1.1%, B.C. has the highest concentration of artists per capita in Canada $24,304 – Median annual salary for a B.C. painter, sculptor or visual artist in 2016 337 – B.C. galleries, studios and cooperatives listed in the Galleries West database Metro Vancouver/Whistler corridor: 178 Victoria, Island and Sunshine Coast: 89 Interior: 59 North: 11 Share that are public:...

Feb 12, 2020
Go Figure: How toxic are B.C.’s workplaces?

With the feds adding new Labour Code rules against harassment and violence this year, we measure the province’s workplace toxicity levels. 31 percent of British Columbians say they’ve been bullied in the workplace 20 percent know of a coworker who has been bullied on...

Jan 23, 2020
B.C.-developed app puts your extra trunk space to work

Have a dresser you want to send to Kelowna as your niece moves into her first apartment? In Manning Park and forgot your ski poles? As it stands, no dice: shipping anything fast in that cross-section between “old” and “bulky” will cost you big—probably more than the item is worth. That...

Dec 19, 2019
Go Figure: ’Tis the season for sharing...your cold and flu around the office

B.C. workers were off sick for 2.3 million+ hours in 2018. Including all reasons for absence, full-time workers missed an average of 10.3 days that year, up from 8.7 in 2014. Canadian workers with kids take 2x as many days off to see a...

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