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May 23, 2019
Opinion: Networking in different cultures and countries

If you’re doing business in Denmark, and you and a potential client go out for lunch, should you leave a little something on your plate rather than eating everything? In Russia, is it important to smile to create rapport with your work colleague? If you’re in Israel, is it OK...

Mar 6, 2019
Opinion: Women’s networks are key to leadership success

A research study released in January offers some very good news for women wanting to reach their leadership goals. It couldn’t have come at a better time: March 8 is International Women’s Day, and while there have been undeniable improvements for women, there’s still a glass ceiling when it comes to...

Jan 10, 2019
Opinion: 7 top tips for networking on airplanes

There are enough challenges being a road warrior, so adding networking to your flight plan may seem like one activity too many while getting from A to B. As you prepare for takeoff, you wonder, should you say something to the person sharing the armrest? The answer is yes, for a...

Jan 8, 2019
Opinion: How to ask for help

Why do we hesitate to ask for help? Are we too proud? Do we think it shows weakness or lack of knowledge? Do we worry that the other person will say no? Or does it feel like we are asking for a favour and that feels a little transactional? Yes, yes...

Dec 3, 2018
Opinion: 7 tips for hosting a successful networking event

There are two kinds of networking events. There are silver platter occasions where someone serves up a networking opportunity; you just have to show up. Then there are ones that you are hosting—a customer appreciation evening, the launch of a new product or a celebration of a company milestone. After successfully...

Feb 27, 2018
Opinion: 10 networking basics often missed

Last week we were at a networking event of about 300 people at a sit-down lunch. While some of the networking behaviours we noticed were simply missed opportunities, a few were cringeworthy. That lunch inspired these networking tips. 1. Take advantage of...

Nov 29, 2017
In praise of name tags: weekly networking tip from Shepa Learning

Academy Award buzz is all over actor/director Greta Gerwig’s new movie, Lady Bird. Gerwig, who wrote and directed the film, tells Chris Knight of the National Post that her experience as an actress gave her a first-hand view of the director’s skills behind the camera.

Nov 23, 2017
Holiday networking for introverts: weekly networking tip from Shepa Learning

If you dread the office holiday party schmooze, here’s an easy way to get through the event with a minimum of forced networking. Volunteer to help out. There’s always a need for people to welcome guests and give out drink...

Nov 20, 2017
Opinion: Survival guide to holiday networking

The season of end-of-year networking events, holiday parties and receptions has already started. Here’s your guide to surviving and thriving through the busiest connecting time of the year. The holidays offer some of the most active networking opportunities, but for most...

Oct 3, 2017
5 ways to make the most of prime networking season

Autumn is prime time for networking events as business associations and networking groups increase their offerings. Plus, there’s something satisfying about revving up your networking participation after the summer networking doldrums. Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn, makes one of the...

Sep 7, 2017
7 ways to rock the elevator talk

There are a number of networking situations that feel kind of uncomfortable, but this spot—the elevator—is right up at the top of the list. You get into the elevator, you are forced to stand closer to people than most of...

Aug 16, 2017
Why bailing is bad

On a sinking rowboat bailing is probably a good thing to do, but the kind of bailing we are writing about is what the New York Times op-ed columnist David Brooks calls last-minute bailing on a commitment. In “The Golden...

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