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Darian runs Vancouver SEO agency Jelly Digital Marketing & PR in Fort Langley, where lives with his wife and four kids. He is co-host of Amazon’s hit show Marketing Jam and loves swimming, drawing and gardening in his free time.

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Oct 27, 2021
Join the club: 8 local organizations for entrepreneurs, CEOs and other business types

Tagline/mission: We fuel the growth of innovation leaders so they can accelerate the path of their company’s success Target audience: Leaders of innovation-based companies Members in B.C.: 100 Average member age: 45 Female membership: 10% Requirements to join: At least $2 million in revenue/investment plus 10 employees, or...

Aug 17, 2020
5 B.C. businesses and others doing good during COVID-19: Beirut relief brews, shoreline cleanup crews and more

With the start of school pushed back and a spike COVID-19 cases throughout the province, it’s important to stay vigilant and cautious as we all move forward. And don’t forget to support local businesses, which are doing their part to keep the economy going while also lending a hand to the less fortunate...

Aug 4, 2020
5 B.C. businesses and others doing good during COVID-19: Nicola Valley makes nice and much more

Hot weather and summer evenings have us reminiscent of patio drinks and summer BBQs with our friends and family. As businesses and public places continue to test the waters by slowly re-opening their businesses, we continue to look for stand-out...

Jul 30, 2020
7 B.C.-based vodka soda brands to check out this long weekend

It’s the peak of summer, the sun is hot, and we’re chasing the most refreshing vodka soda of the season. I know what you’re thinking—with so many ready-to-drink options to choose from, finding the perfect one is a daunting task.

Jul 24, 2020
9 B.C. businesses and others doing good during COVID-19: Tourism aid, helping farmers get paid and much more

After taking some time off last week, we’re back with a fresh round of B.C. businesses and other good citizens making an effort to support their community. Despite a recent uptick in COVID-19 cases, the province appears to be heading...

Jul 10, 2020
6 B.C. businesses and others doing good during COVID-19: Domain deeds and survivor stories

As another week passes during these strange times, we’re reminded of the various ways that local businesses have come together to assist one another. Whether it be donating to the causes that need it most or coming together to create...

Jul 3, 2020
8 B.C. businesses and others doing good during COVID-19: Hand sanitizer for all, pay-what-you-can meals and much more

Entering a new month and a new phase of COVID-19 precautions, B.C. businesses keep finding ways to support each another. The decline in new cases means that companies are starting to reopen their doors and reconnect with customers. Despite that positive change, many are working at reduced capacity and with limited staff. With that in mind, we mustn’t forget to support local businesses and those who work tirelessly on the front lines. Know an organization that’s doing good in...

Jun 27, 2020
10 B.C. businesses and others doing good during COVID-19: Donations for clicks, Terry Fox kicks and much more

As life begins to settle into a new normal and we visit our much-missed friends and family, many businesses can breathe a collective sigh of relief. With B.C. slowly but surely moving toward Phase 3 of reopening, we’re looking forward to better times. In the light of recent events, we’re expanding this weekly column beyond COVID-19 to recognize those who are working to benefit our community in any way, whether it’s supporting the Black Lives Matter movement or funding cancer...

Jun 19, 2020
12 B.C. businesses and others doing good during COVID-19: Free fitness credits, an anti-corona collective and much more

As B.C. prepares to enter Phase 3 of reopening the province, we’re reminded that many businesses and individuals are still struggling as a result of COVID-19. Although the health of our province is changing for the better, communities are struggling...

Jun 12, 2020
11 B.C. businesses and others doing good during COVID-19: Free Little Black Bags, John Horgan at your grad and much more

The past few months have been an eye-opening experience for people, companies and industries. Despite the harm done by COVID-19, it’s inspiring to see businesses come together to support each other. As B.C. takes steps to recover from the pandemic, we’re grateful to everyone who has supported our health-care professionals, food banks, small businesses and vulnerable individuals along the way. And as always, a big thank-you to the front-line and essential services workers who continue to keep our province running...

May 29, 2020
14 B.C. businesses and others doing good during COVID-19: Herschel masks, Christian tasks and much more

As we get ready to kick off a new month, many B.C. businesses are slowly starting to reopen. Amid this cautious optimism, we must keep supporting each other until we all find a way to navigate this new reality. Thank you to all those who have been working the front lines and keeping the community running by providing essential services. We’re also grateful to everyone who has submitted their stories over the past few weeks and to all of those...

May 22, 2020
12 B.C. businesses and others doing good during COVID-19: Connecting seniors, free fish dinners and much more

As we enter phase two of the pandemic in B.C., there are signs that something resembling our old way of life might start to return. Although there will be safeguards in place for the foreseeable future, knowing we’re on the path to fewer restrictions helps take the edge off. Despite these improvements, supporting small businesses, nonprofits and our communities remains the best way to move forward...

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