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Jan 24, 2020
BCBusiness Report Card: The all-ride-hailing edition

Well, at least we can stop reading about doughnuts and royals. (Still very much down for royal doughnuts, though.) In case you haven’t heard, Uber and Lyft have arrived in B.C. (well, at least in Vancouver)! Get ready to be subjected to...

Jan 23, 2020
10 Things You Didn’t Know About... Form founder and CEO Dan Eisenhardt

Dan Eisenhardt has led a few lives. After growing up a competitive swimmer in Aalborg, Denmark, Eisenhardt earned a scholarship to Indian River College in Florida, where he won NJCAA All-American honours. Spending a couple of years in the States, he went...

Jan 17, 2020
BCBusiness Report Card: Vancouver meets its maker and Jimmy Pattison’s trophy case

We don’t mean to belittle all the people whose lives were rudely interrupted by the presence of snow this week. But actually, we kinda do. You see, we once again gave our fellow countrymen reason to belittle us, as we called...

Jan 14, 2020
10 Things You Didn't Know About... Article's Wendy Youds

Originally from the U.K., Wendy Youds has worked and lived around the globe for some of the world’s most admired brands. That’s meant everything from in her home country managing products for storied companies like Dr. Martens and Next, as well...

Jan 10, 2020
BCBusiness Report Card: Goldcorp learns what’s in a name

If you’re looking for happy, good news about the province of British Columbia…well, you’re not going to find it here. At least not this week. It was a week in which (at least) 15 B.C. residents were killed in a plane...

Jan 3, 2020
BCBusiness Report Card: Big move on Grouse Mountain and down on the Endowment Lands

Welcome to your 20s. Oh, sorry, we mean the 20s. But that doesn’t mean you can’t act like an irresponsible brat. Take CNN, for example. The iconic news organization included our lovely province on its list of the 20 best places to...

Dec 20, 2019
BCBusiness Report Card: Playing Santa with John Horgan, the Vancouver Canucks and many more

This is your last Report Card before the holidays (and maybe ever, if our enemies get their wish), so you better enjoy it. And we’ve got something special for the occasion. Instead of the usual grades, we’re going to give out...

Dec 15, 2019
BCBusiness Report Card: The price of Prince George and the New York (behind the) Times

Much of this week’s report card centres on how our province is viewed by the outside world. As you’ll see, that perception can be positive, negative and just hilariously misguided. Here’s what made the grade (and what didn’t) this week. Traction Guest Grade: A Things...

Dec 10, 2019
Three B.C. companies make list of best places to work in Canada

Three B.C.-based companies made recruiting site Glassdoor’s annual ranking of the 25 best places to work in Canada, which on first blush seems a tad embarrassing. However, it’s important to note that the list includes businesses that operate in Canada, not just those based here. For example, a little company based in Redmond...

Dec 6, 2019
BCBusiness Report Card: Who would you like to clothesline off a bike?

Is there anything more Canadian than a good samaritan hockey player stopping a robbery? Probably not. Add in the fact that he stopped a bike-riding assailant, and we’re pretty sure you won’t find anything more Vancouver, either. With any luck, our other items similarly encapsulate our province. Won’t be easy. Here’s what made...

Nov 29, 2019
BCBusiness Report Card: Ride-hailing hits a speed bump and MEC mopes

For a second there, it looked like transportation in the province was about to experience a major shift. With advertisements teasing that Uber and Lyft would be in Vancouver imminently and the city facing a public transit strike, it looked like...

Nov 22, 2019
BCBusiness Report Card: Calling out the cabinet and transit gets real

There are few things we enjoy more in this world than an ironclad, bulletproof excuse. So the imminent transit shutdown facing commuters (all transit services will halt on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in Vancouver, pending a resolution to the strike) presents...

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