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May 19, 2022
EY's Pacific Region Entrepreneur of the Year finalists are a mix of old and new

When browsing over the list of EY’s Pacific Region Entrepreneur of the Year finalists, it’s hard not to feel a little bit like the hipster who actually saw that super popular band play at a tiny bar years ago. After all...

May 17, 2022
Big Fat Deal: $9.6 million to swing on the chandeliers in UBC

Address: 1764 Allison Road Price: $9,630,000 Listing: R2676826 The skinny: Five-bedroom, seven-bathroom, 6,218 square foot house on 13,800 square feet near UBC. The bling: Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? We found her! Right here, playing a piano in the foyer for some reason.

May 17, 2022
Will Vancouver's Broadway Plan pass?

If you’ve heard about the City of Vancouver’s upcoming Broadway Plan, you’ve likely already decided what side you’re on. The 30-year plan will effectively seek to build a “second downtown” along Vancouver’s Broadway corridor and build housing and retail around...

May 13, 2022
The Commercial Drive food empire that pledges to do business differently

There aren’t many people like Doug Stephen. At least, I haven’t met many in over a decade covering various industries in the province. And there definitely aren’t many people doing what he’s doing. Fair enough—there aren’t really enough hours in...

May 9, 2022
New Vitruvi president Cindy Bokitch talks learning from B.C. success stories and the importance of smell

For years, Cindy Bokitch’s family had to deal with her sense of smell. “I have this thing, if I smell strong perfume, I get a headache within five minutes,” she says. “When we’d go to hotels, my kids would send...

May 6, 2022
Vancouver's GlüxKind the only startup west of Toronto to make NEXT AI Montreal cohort

Babies and technology can be a tricky mix. Studies have shown that you don’t want your 6-month-old staring at a TV screen for an entire day. But advances in technology have made parenting easier (in some ways, at least) than...

May 4, 2022
Voters in Burnaby, Okanagan set to see change with new proposed federal election districts

Adding a new electoral district in a province is sort of like playing Tetris: each addition has deep-reaching implications. Every 10 years, electoral district boundaries are reconsidered and, thanks to the growing population in the province, a 43rd riding was...

Apr 7, 2022
Young Guns: Launching a food business is all in the family for Ashley Paterson

There isn’t a day in Ashley Paterson’s life that she can remember not working in the food industry. Her mother, Kimberly Chamberland, founded Vancouver-based Big Mountain Foods in 1987. Paterson, who was born a few years later, eventually lent her...

Mar 28, 2022
Weekend Warrior: Snow calls Organic Ocean president Guy Dean and his family to the slopes

There’s a particular rule in Guy Dean’s household that all four members of the family are fond of. “If it snows more than 20 centimetres in Whistler on a weekday, the kids can take school off, and we’ll go ski,”...

Jan 27, 2022
Weekend Warrior: Longhouse Media founder Keenan Beavis keeps up the family jiu-jitsu legacy

Getting COVID did a number on Keenan Beavis, knocking him out of any meaningful exercise for almost a month. But as soon as he was able, the Langley native and founder of digital marketing agency Longhouse Media was back in...

Jan 7, 2022
Young Guns: Nisha Grewal has grown Kardashian-approved Ambari Beauty to a multimillion-dollar brand

It’s easy to imagine that in a few years, an up-and-coming beauty or fashion entrepreneur will casually drop the fact that they swapped stories with Nisha Grewal on the weekend. Sort of like how the Vancouverite and UBC psychology grad...

Dec 22, 2021
Vancouver media startup Go Goat Sports combines familiar names with some new approaches

Out of crisis, Nathalie Rees spied opportunity. The PR pro and vice-president of North Beach Agency (a Vancouver-based marketing firm she founded in 2020 with her husband, Rob Rees) woke up to shock on February 9. Like many Vancouver sports aficionados, Rees was dismayed to learn that Bell...

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