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Nathan Caddell

Recent Posts on BCBusiness

Aug 16, 2019
BCBusiness Report Card: GDP slows, drones and Vancouver Granville heat up

We’re almost two months away from the 2019 federal election in Canada and—not sure if you noticed—the first major blow was dealt in what is sure to be a particularly nasty election campaign. Canada’s ethics commissioner, Mario Dion, found that Trudeau violated...

Aug 13, 2019
Young Guns: Markus McRurie fights waves and fires on the Tofino shores

Getting to Tofino on wheels isn’t the easiest proposition these days. It depends on where you’re coming from, of course, and the obligatory ferry to Nanaimo will probably be part of the trip for anyone from the Lower Mainland. But...

Aug 8, 2019
10 Things You Didn't Know About... Bench Accounting CEO Ian Crosby

Though he was a freshman at the Sauder School of Business at the tender age of 16, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Ian Crosby. Take the first quarter of this year, when the Bench Accounting co-founder and CEO realized...

Aug 8, 2019
BCBusiness Report Card: A bad look for the province’s employers

As is custom here at the BCBusiness Report Card, we took last week off due to the long weekend. But fear not! We’re back and very much ready to wreak havoc wherever it needs such wreaking. In this edition, you’ll feel...

Jul 26, 2019
BCBusiness Report Card: The Cold (Air) War

There are few things more entertaining than public arguments. From the subtler, petty disagreements to the big, embarrassing blowouts, it’s hard to turn your eyes away from people bickering at each other. Lucky for you, this week’s edition of the BCBusiness...

Jul 24, 2019
10 Things You Didn't Know About... Monstercat co-founder and CEO Mike Darlington

In 2012, a year after founding electronic dance music label Monstercat at an accelerator centre in Waterloo, Mike Darlington and Ari Paunonen, who met at that city’s eponymous university, headed to the mountains. It was a move that paid off for...

Jul 19, 2019
BCBusiness Report Card: Vancouver tech advances again

Hey, would ya look at that? Most of the grades in this version of your favourite column are actually pretty good! As much as we have fought hard to earn the title of crusty curmudgeon (we actually have a banner in...

Jul 12, 2019
BCBusiness Report Card: The plastic bag fights for its life

“Do you want to see the most beautiful thing I’ve ever filmed?” one character asks another in the 1999 film American Beauty. He then shows her—and we’re not kidding—a video of a plastic bag floating around a bunch of leaves for three...

Jul 11, 2019
10 Things You Didn't Know About... Vitruvi Co-founder Sara Panton

Sara Panton and her brother, Sean, started a blog and began tinkering with essential oils in 2013. Coincidentally or not, it appears the pair got in on the trend at the right time. Vitruvi, the Vancouver-based company they co-founded, is one...

Jul 10, 2019
Weekend Warrior: Parallel 49's Marissa Mills goes from bottles to bikes

Before she could legally drive, Marissa Mills had already bought a motorcycle and was teaching herself via YouTube to fix it up. It might be hard for most people to jump from not operating a vehicle of any kind to...

Jul 7, 2019
BCBusiness Report Card: Clock runs out on daylight saving time

First, an apology. But—sorry to disappoint—not to anyone or anything that we’ve made fun of. That wouldn’t be very on-brand. Instead, we’re sorry for missing last week. It was Canada Day weekend, after all, and like all good Canadians, we took...

Jun 21, 2019
5 things we learned from the Vancouver Board of Trade's NHL Hot Stove

It depends on your vantage point, of course, but it’s not a stretch to say that two of the more controversial figures in the hockey world were the subject of a Vancouver Board of Trade conference this morning. With the...

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