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Mar 19, 2018
Wholehearted Leadership Opinion: Excalibur is your sword, too

On a recent flight I watched the new King Arthur movie. I was pleasantly surprised. Many of us are familiar with the legend of King Arthur to some degree. I was vaguely aware of the story of a beloved English king...

Feb 14, 2018
Wholehearted Leadership Opinion: 4 kinds of leaders

Do you know what kind of leader you are? Do you know the difference between how you are naturally wired to lead and how you choose to lead? There are myriad models explaining the various kinds of leadership styles, management roles...

Feb 5, 2018
Wholehearted Leadership Opinion: Why the relentless pursuit of excellence matters

What do Apple Inc. and Tesla Inc. have in common? George Blankenship, of course. Blankenship worked with both globally iconic brands as a senior executive. I recently had the pleasure of listening to him speak at our global leadership conference in San Diego. Blankenship had...

Jan 30, 2018
Wholehearted Leadership Opinion: Why it’s important to know where you’re going

“I have a dream!” Now, that’s big vision! That declaration is probably one of the clearest and most widely acknowledged vision statements of the 20th century. What was Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision? Equality and freedom! “I have a dream that one day my...

Jan 22, 2018
Wholehearted Leadership Opinion: Know your what, why and how

A story is told of three stonemasons working on St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, sometime between 1675 and 1710. They were all asked the same question: “What are you doing?” The first man answered, “I’m mixing mortar.” The second man replied, “I’m helping to...

Dec 8, 2017
Wholehearted Leadership Opinion: This key to success will help you excel

What’s the key to success? Talk to 100 people, and you may get 100 answers. How would you answer that question? It may depend on your definition of success. How would you define success? This week I heard two different perspectives on the...

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