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Aug 14, 2019
Pot Shots: How to invest in cannabis stocks without getting burned

So…you want to invest in marijuana stocks? Well, step right up and get in line behind the thousands of other equally excitable lemmings. Is that rude? Sorry. In truth, I understand. You’ve seen the crazy returns. You’ve suppressed pangs of jealousy while watching your neighbour, whose financial plan once consisted of...

Jun 27, 2019
Recreational Property Guide 2019: The hottest real estate commodity in B.C.?

Surrounded by snow-covered evergreens and almost glowing from the reflected light of the setting sun, the gleaming white cottage looks as if it emerged organically from its setting. The place definitely has character: its bones are classic, enduring. According to the new owners, it’s “a cute little house,” but it’s...

Jun 27, 2019
Recreational Property Guide 2019: 5 hot spots to buy in B.C.

If you're not aware, recreational properties in B.C. are booming. It shouldn't be surprising, given the beauty of the province and the out-of-control sales in urban markets. Here are the spots that should be on your wish list. GIBSONS Population: 9,132 (2016 census) Population...

Jun 14, 2019
Pot Shots: Righting the wrongs of criminal records for cannabis possession

Parked on the north side of Robson Street, its starboard side doors flung wide open, at first glance the green van looks like one of any number of food trucks that have clogged Vancouver’s arteries, both figuratively and literally, in recent years. But this particular vehicle isn’t selling gooey grilled...

May 8, 2019
Pot Shots: Four B.C. cannabis companies that continue to grow

As of March, the value of Canada’s six largest cannabis companies totalled almost $43 billion—that’s a lot of cash (or kush). But not all the buzz is reserved for the biggest firms. Take these four B.C.-based companies, all of which...

Apr 8, 2019
Pot Shots: Legalization stokes a cannabis culture clash

Walking the floor of the Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo, you can hardly see the reefer for the bongs. The sheer breadth of products and services being hawked is astounding: from production machinery (extractors, CO2 control systems, trimmers) to pest...

Mar 18, 2019
Pot Shots: There’s a new dealer in town

In my Vancouver office you’ll find a 2007 iMac, a couple of guitars, an impressive dustball collection and one gram of high-potency marijuana (total THC: 18.5 percent), purchased online through BC Cannabis Stores. The process—once called scoring, if I’m not...

Feb 11, 2019
Philanthropy: Is business now in the business of saving the world?

Trevor Linden keeps on giving Trevor Linden has kept giving back to the community since he retired from the Vancouver Canucks in 2008. Simply put, he’s an icon. Drafted second overall by the Vancouver Canucks in 1988. Thirty goals in his rookie...

Dec 7, 2018
Scamcouver: In B.C. and beyond, online and phone fraud is a growth industry

ATTACK VECTOR Telephone (recorded message) THE SCAM “Canada Revenue Agency” calls to inform you that you owe thousands of dollars in back taxes and/or fines; if you don’t pay them right away, you’ll be prosecuted or jailed THE GOAL Money THE TELL The real...

Aug 9, 2018
Three possible scenarios for Vancouver's housing market

THE UPSHOT: In the aftermath of a worldwide trade war or another macroeconomic shock, financial markets dive–and Vancouver’s bloated property prices drop 50 percent or moreWHO'S CALLING IT: Marc Cohodes, the ex–Wall Street trader who recently (and successfully) shorted Canadian...

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