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Nov 29, 2022
B.C. Winter Staycation Guide 2023: 48 hours in Tofino

Can you do Tofino in a weekend? From Vancouver, the trip to the seaside town requires a drive, a ferry, and another (longer) drive. Earlier this fall, my partner and I set out to see if it’s possible to cram...

Nov 29, 2022
B.C. Winter Staycation Guide 2023: Why Oliver's District Wine Village is a lazy wine taster's dream

I love bad TV. Give me a trashy, contrived, brain cell-destroying reality show over “good” television any day. It’s a guilty pleasure: watching folks who likely need professional help—rather than another drama-filled cocktail party—destroy their personal and work relationships is...

Nov 29, 2022
B.C. Winter Staycation Guide 2023: Indigenous-led tourism on the Sunshine Coast

Buckled in the passenger’s seat, I can see one of Josh Ramsay’s Converse shoes waving in the air as he leans across the windshield. He’s outside, spraying the glass with Pledge. “For polishing furniture—and planes!” he says with a grin. Ramsay...

Nov 29, 2022
B.C. Winter Staycation Guide 2023: The best restaurants in Penticton

My trip to Penticton in February 2020 (dun dun dun) stands as one of my last memories of pre-COVID life—and what a glorious, food-filled memory it is. While the weather outside was truly frightful, the offerings at these restaurants were...

Nov 17, 2022
New Vancouver-based AI platform schedules social events so you don't have to

Getting together with friends is supposed to be fun—but when one friend works 12-hour shifts, one has three kids who play eight sports and one is ghosting you on the group thread, going out for a casual beer is basically...

Nov 15, 2022
Holiday gift idea: Vancouver-designed scarves made from recycled water bottles

When Salma Kashani first started her e-commerce business in 2020, she splashed her colourful prints onto T-shirts, skirts, shawls and matching sets. But the Vancouverite soon realized that vibrant clothing isn’t for everyone—and if you want to spice up a boring...

Nov 10, 2022
Inventory: Order your holiday greeting cards from these small B.C. businesses

Vancouverite Kristen Trojanoski lost her job as an interior designer when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, but she dove right into disrupting another industry: single-use greeting cards. All of PlantedRoot’s cards are made using compostable paper that’s infused with...

Sep 30, 2022
18 B.C.-based Indigenous charities and organizations to donate to this week

Today is Canada's second official National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. The day is meant to honour the lost children and survivors of Canada’s residential schools, as well as their families and communities. For non-Indigenous folks, it’s a designated day to reflect...

Sep 19, 2022
Inventory: Healthy, made-in-B.C. snacks you can take on adventures

Anamika Gioia has been professionally popping lotus seeds since she launched Sacred Foods in 2020. (Her small-batch biz earned her a spot on our 30 Under 30 list last year.) But the Vancouver outfit’s roots go back much further: the...

Jul 11, 2022
Inventory: 5 hot swimwear companies based in B.C.

Natasha Ashby founded Izumi Studio in August 2020, after the pandemic prompted her to pick up a new hobby—sewing. She makes each piece in Vancouver using recycled nylon, aiming to combat the fast fashion industry with suits that are made...

Jul 4, 2022
This Vancouver-based organization is offering a free MS Office plugin for Asian names

I’ve gotten used to folks not recognizing my last name—I grew up saying it in a Westernized way (he row see) and only started correcting people on the proper pronunciation in my late teens (hee row say). “It’s like the...

Jun 10, 2022
How two Indigenous entrepreneurs are using the retail and music industries to get land back, for real

Most recording artists can point to a specific moment in music that changed their lives. For Dakota Bear, it was the premiere of 8 Mile, the 2002 hip-hop drama starring Eminem. “I didn’t really listen to hip-hop until I watched...

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