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Jan 21, 2022
5 large, low-maintenance plants that will transform your office space

Nothing brightens up an empty corner of your office like a big, beautiful plant. Unfortunately, big beautiful plants can be extremely expensive—a worthy investment, of course, if you manage to keep them alive for more than a couple of months. That’s my...

Jan 20, 2022
5 things to include on your company website, according to a business magazine editor

Having a great business website is good for customers, good for sales and, most of all—OK, maybe we’re a bit biased—good for getting coverage in the media. Here at BCBusiness, we spend a hefty chunk of every day on the...

Jan 18, 2022
Vancouver is officially the third most expensive city in the world to build a house in (great)

Every once in a while, it would be nice to get a press release announcing that some third-party researcher has crowned Vancouver The Best City in the World for Corgis or The Cheapest Place to Get a Gin and Tonic.

Jan 13, 2022
Meat soap? This all-natural skincare company’s “Slightly Imperfect” collection makes sure flawed product doesn't go to waste

Body and skincare companies tend to romanticize their products and their process. But what happens when that ultra-satisfying soap cutting doesn’t go as planned? When Indigenous entrepreneur Francesca Amine started making her own soaps, it took her an entire year to get...

Jan 4, 2022
Inventory: The best ski and board essentials made by B.C.-based companies

Behind the Mask Interior designer Susan Parker made her first face covering in March 2020, from her husband, Dave Williams’, underwear (bear with us). Williams owns Vancouver-based 2Undr, and his samples became the first of Parker and son Johnny Negrin’s...

Dec 7, 2021
A&W’s new clothing collab with Vancouver brand Frankie Collective is shockingly cool

I’m all for the little and local, so usually, a merch announcement from a mega hamburger brand wouldn't draw my attention. But throw in a Vancouver collaborator and an eco-element, and I'm interested. That’s what A&W Canada did at its launch...

Nov 30, 2021
37 BIPOC-owned businesses you can find at B.C. farmers markets this winter

If you’re stuck for holiday shopping ideas, the local farmers market is a great place to browse: instead of big brands and questionable food court cuisine, you get handmade goods from local businesses and the best food trucks in town.

Nov 26, 2021
Dunder Mifflin who? This B.C. company turns sugar cane into sustainable paper

We’ll try not to inundate you with The Office jokes, but how often do you get the chance to write about a paper company that’s doing something cool? Not putting staplers in Jello or hosting a run for an already-cured disease: New Westminster–based Social Print Paper is transforming would-be landfill...

Nov 18, 2021
How you can help B.C. residents affected by the floods: resources, donation links and drop-off hubs

This week's disastrous floods have left many B.C. residents homeless, stranded or in desperate need of essential supplies, and farms and local businesses destroyed. If you are looking for ways to support those affected by the floods, we've put together...

Nov 18, 2021
5 reasons to go to Planted Expo, Vancouver’s vegan-est convention

Living a plant-based lifestyle is most often associated with diet (Where do you get your protein? hears every vegan, every day, ever), but there’s a world beyond salad and Impossible Burgers. This weekend’s Planted Expo at the Vancouver Convention Centre...

Nov 17, 2021
Inventory: The BCBusiness Holiday Gift Guide

Yes, it’s holiday shopping time already. And as much as we’re sure your friends and family would love another generic bath bomb or festive tie, we’ve put together a list of non-basic gifts—all from companies based in B.C. Flax Home’s cosy...

Nov 12, 2021
Meet the new B.C. brand making affordable, Scandinavian-style furniture entirely in Canada

Andrew McKillop’s background is in finance, so when he moved from the U.K. to Vancouver five years ago, that was the industry he looked to enter. But a small shift to project management led to a big shift to more creative fields, as McKillop started...

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