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Jul 1, 2006
David Aisenstat: Rare Breed
Justin Beddall

When his British dinner guest handed the menu back to the liveried waiter at Hy’s Encore and ordered chicken cordon bleu instead of one of the iconic restaurant’s famous steaks, David Aisenstat squinted suspiciously across the white linen tablecloth.

Jul 1, 2006
Ismaili Success: Made in Vancouver
Adriana Barton

Vancouver's Ismailis: Who are these modern-thinking, successful Muslims, and where did they get their Midas touch? In the last three decades, Ismailis have built some of B.C.’s biggest companies, raised stacks of cash for good causes and quietly joined the golf and country club set. But who are these modern-thinking Muslims, and where did they get their Midas touch?

Jul 1, 2006
Top One Hundred CEO's Overview 2006
Robin Brunet

You can’t complain about a 3.5-per-cent growth rate, especially when you consider that it tops Canada’s average GDP growth of 2.9 per cent in 2005. But with our bounty of natural resources and booming commodity markets, it’s hardly the raging...

Jul 1, 2006
Sylvain Allard: Vertical Takeoff
Peter Mitham

Shortly after Carl Agar and partners Barney Bent and Alf Stringer bought a helicopter for a planned orchard-spraying business in July 1947, Agar flew the chopper into a power line. A rocky start, indeed, but the abrupt halt to its...

Jul 1, 2006
Edmund Ho: Ringing up Revenues
Peter Mitham

VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol, for the uninitiated – isn’t a household term yet, but developing gadgets that will help it become one has propelled a Richmond company to its first showing on BCBusiness’s Top 100 public companies list...

Jul 1, 2006
Malcolm Brodie: Chair of Translink
David Jordan

As chair of TransLink’s board of directors, Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie is the point man for the outfit everyone loves to hate. Never far from public outcry (think parking tax or Air Care), TransLink now faces a defining moment as...

Jul 1, 2006
Vancouver's Traveling Chefs: Feel the Heat
Jurgen Gothe

We’re in a cramped four-storey townhouse in New York’s Greenwich Village. Its home-sized kitchen (save for two six-burner stoves and a dedicated dishwashing area) is light-years away from the professional workspaces at West, CinCin, Blue Water Cafe or Araxi. And yet tonight, seven top chefs from these four B.C. restaurants...

Jun 10, 2006
Stephen Toope, President of UBC
David Jordan

Toope would seem to be tailor-made to fill the sizeable legacy left by Piper. During her 12-year tenure, Piper oversaw the development of UBC’s “Trek 2010” vision, pledging to prepare students to become “exceptional global citizens.” For the past four...

Jun 1, 2006
David Strangway: Top Class
David Jordan

David Strangway asks his driver to pull over in the middle of a new bridge spanning Mashiter Creek high above Squamish. The $3.25-million structure isn’t that impressive, until you look over the edge at the rushing waters 30 metres below.

Jun 1, 2006
Clarence Louie: Ruffling Feathers
Andrew Findlay

Chief Clarence Louie of the Osoyoos Indian Band doesn’t hold back when he's ruffling the feathers his First Nations peers: Stop playing the victim, give up the blame game and get on board with business.

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