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Nov 2, 2005
David Levi, GrowthWorks Capital, CEO
Tracy Tjaden

David Levi vows to conquer the Canadian LSF landscape. GrowthWorks is the only labour-sponsored fund manager to cross provincial boundaries and, once it’s completed a series of mergers, will have four major labour-sponsored funds as well as three private funds for a total of $850 million under management.

Nov 1, 2005
B.C. Business Leaders: The Power List 2005
Noel Hulsman, Jessica Werb and James Glave

In July, we partnered with market research leaders Ipsos-Reid to identify the most influential people in B.C.’s economy. Click here for results. Measuring influence is one thing, gauging how it’s yielded is something else entirely. For that we went to...

Oct 1, 2005
Entrepreneur of the Year 2005 - Emerging Entrepreneur
Sarah Efron

“I tend to yap openly about everything,” says Jules Campeau, president of Asentus, the tech marketing company he started in 2001. “This is an open environment where you can speak your mind.” In fact, it might be fair to say...

Oct 1, 2005
Entrepreneur of the Year 2005 -- B2B Products and Services
Sarah Efron

Amar Doman stands in the parking lot of Futura Corp.’s pressure-treated wood plant in Surrey, watching a man drive a forklift between the massive stacks of hemlock and Douglas fir boards. “I get excited by lumber,” laughs Doman. “I’ve got...

Oct 1, 2005
Entrepreneur of the year 2005 - Information Technology
Robin Brunet

It would be a stretch to mention Gandhi and a telecommunications company in the same breath, but not for Surinder Kumar. The Victoria-based entrepreneur is currently riding high on the success of VCom, which designs, manufactures and sells products for...

Oct 1, 2005
Entrepreneur of the year 2005 - Health sciences
by Vicki O’Brien

Losing interest in general practice, he became enthralled by their passionate descriptions of advances in biochemistry, biotechnology and cell biology. “Michael Smith, in particular, was a real character,” recalls Rix. “He captured my imagination when he talked about DNA and how it would revolutionize science. I was planning to go...

Oct 1, 2005
Entrepreneur of the Year 2005 - B2C Products and Services
Jessica Werb

The first thing you notice when you enter the Victoria offices of online book brokers Abebooks is that someone has spent a lot of time with the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations. Everywhere you turn, you’re confronted by quotes from such...

Oct 1, 2005
Entrepreneur of the Year 2005 -- Manufacturing
Vicki O’Brien

Every morning when Maheb Nathoo pours soy milk on his breakfast cereal, it reminds him of the time he convinced 1,750 skeptical dairy farmers that the lowly soybean could well become their next cash cow. In the mid-1990s, Nathoo was...

Oct 1, 2005
Ian Telfer: 2005 Entrepreneur of the Year
Greg Potter

There was a time not so long ago when fate tested Ian Telfer’s resolve. Despite an ongoing love affair with precious metals, in 1999 Telfer, now the CEO of Vancouver-based Goldcorp, the sixth-largest gold producer in the world, found himself...

Oct 1, 2005
Entrepreneur of the Year 2005
BCBusiness D.B.

It’s one thing to conjure up a cool business concept. It’s another to convince investors, customers, employees and suppliers to back your plan, and then to execute it year after year with increasingly impressive results. The people you’ll read about...

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