Mar 1, 2006
Hugh Stansfield, B.C.'s Chief Judge
Jessica Werb

With his piercing blue eyes, casual smile and closely cropped salt-and-pepper hair, Hugh Stansfield looks made for television; indeed, he’s made a couple of well-received guest appearances on Global’s morning newscast. It’s not exactly what you’d expect from B.C.’s chief judge. But then Stansfield, who was appointed to the post last July, isn’t really interested in upholding traditions.

Feb 2, 2006
Lululemon's Chip Wilson
Noel Hulsman

Chip Wilson: The brain behind the meteoric rise of Vancouver's yoga juggernaut, Lululemon. In December 2005, Chip Wilson sold 48 per cent of his interest in Lululemon for $108 million to private equity firms Advent International and Highland Capital Partners, both based in Massachusetts.   So the rumours were true after all.

Feb 1, 2006
Paul Lee: Hitting Restart
Noel Hulsman

You’d think a guy with 4,000 game developers under him and studios in Orlando, Chicago, L.A., Tokyo, London, Stockholm, Montreal and Burnaby would be a bit of a homer when it comes to video-game picks – but apparently not. Sitting...

Feb 1, 2006
On the Ledge: Jessica McDonald
Paul Willcocks

What can be said about Jessica McDonald? Her rapid ascent, according to a consultant who has done time in government, was “like taking someone seen as a good but not spectacular player from the junior league and putting them on the all-star team… People were taken aback – really shocked.”

Jan 1, 2006
Terry McBride, CEO Nettwerk Music Group
Tracy Tjaden

Terry McBride, founder and CEO of Nettwerk Music Group, has been making waves in Canada’s music industry for over two decades, bucking the norm from the beginning by refusing to sign artists who didn’t write and perform their own music.

Dec 2, 2005
Paul Teichroeb: Busted
Sue Dritmanis

What’s the worst thing that could happen if, while running your business, you searched for a few "efficiencies," maybe found a cheaper "supplier" of goods, ignored some of the more annoying regulations or took just a few extra risks with...

Dec 1, 2005
Myles Richardson: Spirited Discussions
Tracy Tjaden

Myles Richardson is a translator, but it’s not words he’s deciphering – rather the meaning behind them. He’s carved out a job helping 'spirited' discussions between B.C. businesses and First Nations.

Dec 1, 2005
Larry Campbell
Tracy Tjaden

Of course, not everyone’s a fan. He’s made a few enemies, but when he does stir up controversy, it never hangs around for long. Vancouver’s most popular mayor in recent history loved the job, but hated the hours. A typical...

Nov 2, 2005
David Levi, GrowthWorks Capital, CEO
Tracy Tjaden

David Levi vows to conquer the Canadian LSF landscape. GrowthWorks is the only labour-sponsored fund manager to cross provincial boundaries and, once it’s completed a series of mergers, will have four major labour-sponsored funds as well as three private funds for a total of $850 million under management.

Nov 1, 2005
B.C. Business Leaders: The Power List 2005
Noel Hulsman, Jessica Werb and James Glave

In July, we partnered with market research leaders Ipsos-Reid to identify the most influential people in B.C.’s economy. Click here for results. Measuring influence is one thing, gauging how it’s yielded is something else entirely. For that we went to...

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