CEOs in Cars, Episode 9: The Boys and Girls Club’s Carolyn Tuckwell

BCBusiness teamed up with the Dilawri Group of Companies for a unique online video series titled CEOs in Cars, featuring high-performance business leaders driving equally high-performance cars.

Episode 9 features Carolyn Tuckwell, the president and CEO of The Boys and Girls Club of South Coast B.C. The Boys and Girls club might not measure their bottom line like most companies do, but for Carolyn the responsibilities are equally demanding. The Boys and Girls Club have been sending many kids to Camp Potlach over the years so it was fitting to set Carolyn up in the safe, fun, and economical 2014 Subaru Forester XT. Host, Steve Burgess, goes for a drive with Carolyn around Richmond while they discuss the impact that the Boys and Girls Club has on the kids involved.