CFC Vancouver Foundation Host Event

Ron Lloyd (l) of Romspen Mortgages with Lois Graveline of the CFC.

From Left: Tasha Tucker, Thomas Bastianel and Hui Fang of the Centre of Philanthrophy – CUNY.

Anja Poller of Chemnitz Community Foundation and Nikolau Turner of the Affinity Group Community Foundation.

Denise Frey (l) and Kathy McNinch of Battlefords Community Foundation.

Marty Armstrong (l) of the Community Foundation of North Okanagan with Mike Christie of the Community Foundation of Medicine Hat.

Claire Brooks of the Community Foundations Network and Cathy Elliott of the Community Foundation of Lancashire.

Julie Saito (l) of the Port Moody Foundation with Julie Black of the Calgary Foundation.

Sarah Troy (l) of the Vancouver Aquarium with Lisa Pullan of the Vancouver Foundation.

Mary Ashley (l) and Shannon Brown of the Campbell River Community Foundation.

Faye Wightman – Chair of the Community Foundations of Canada.

Tina O’Toole and Paddy Harrington of the Kamloops Foundation.

Ted Harris (l) and David Davies of McLean Budden.

Chair of the Red Deer Community Foundation Kim Pasula.

Skana Gee (l) and Sara Lyon of the CFC.

Cindy Lindsay (l) and Anne Marie McElrone of the CFC.


Event: CFC Vancouver Foundation Host Event
Venue: Vancouver Aquarium
Date: May 12, 2011

Inclusive. Green. Sustainable. Forward-looking. Vital. The vitality of our communities is something community foundations care about a great deal. It’s the unique spirit that flourishes when people believe their community holds possibilities for everyone. All signs point towards stronger communities for Canada.

Community foundations from all over gathered for a series of plenary presentations, engaging concurrent sessions, interactive Community Learning Forums and special receptions and events. The CFC 2011 Conference was an innovative and forward thinking convening of community foundation leaders from Canada and around the world.

From there each of the leaders move forward with the challenge of strengthening their own communities and making them more resilient. With the new friendships and partnerships made, collaborations can only lead to producing more positive community impact as leaders take their work back home.

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