Jason Zanatta

president, novo textile co. Ltd.

Most people wouldn’t think of textile manufacturing and distribution as a high-risk enterprise, but that might be because most people wouldn’t think of Jason Zanatta when they picture a typical textile industry executive. Describing his business philosophy, Zanatta says, “You look at all the success stories and the common thread is that at some point they took big risks for big rewards.” Throughout his career, from the personal loan he took out at just 22 to buy his first shares in the company to the high-inventory strategy he’s pursued since, he’s done exactly that. – David Godsall

Steve Curtis

CEO, ZAG Group Inc. 

What do search engine optimization, Czech-made absinthe and hip-hop-inspired fashion have in common? They’re all chapters in the story Steve Curtis’s ZAG Group, and all trends the quick-thinking CEO has ridden over 10 years in marketing and e-commerce. “We looked for the trend and we followed the trend,” he says. But recently, having developed a new drink based on the kava plant, his focus has shifted: “Now we’re trying to invent a product and create a market where none exists.” Given the success he achieved by spotting trends, one can only imagine what he’ll do now that he’s making his own. – David Godsall