SOCIE+Y Opening

Vancouver’s best known gal about town Fiona Forbes with chum Karen Khunkhun.

Immedia PR’s Laura Serena and Morgan Sommerville get cozy with SOCIE+Y Executive Chef Brandon Sorenson.

SOCIE+Y GM Dennis Pak with Glowbal Group’s Peter Gurgis.

Owner of Yaletown’s neighborhood false eyelasherie Noir Lash Lounge Joyce Cajucom with Glowbal superfan Cassie Gill.

H. Jay Brooks of Box Interior Designs with Aussie Jiwani of Molson.

SOCIE+Y it girl Katharine Horsman with Tyson Villeneuve and Catherine Dorazio, VP of Connor, Clark and Lunn.

Local actor Duke Stevenson and pals.

Nicole Dobernig of Anderson & Son Wine Brokers withTim Wilkins, President of Altovin International and Agnes Kim.

Cora Mau from Mavi Jeans and Craig Stowe of Jet Set Crew with May Globus, Editor of

Jewelry designer Elsa Corsi with supplier/operator/svengali Shafik Jiwan.

Opening of Socie+y
When: October 29, 2009, 1257 Hamilton St.
Critique: Yaletown – it’s a state of mind

Extra! Extra! A new restaurant opened in Yaletown!

Not exactly news of the century when you consider the food biz’s high fail rate. Yaletown, Vancouver’s culinary mecca, is no exception, with three new restaurants slated to open their doors this month alone. The space that housed the highly anticipated PINKY’S Steakhouse will be home to a new pizza joint, the short-lived Tequila Kitchen’s new owners are taking its menu to the other side of the border with a BBQ concept, and into the relocated Coast comes Glowbal Group’s latest member of the family: SOCIE+Y.

I have no idea if the first two eateries will make it past Dine Out, but SOCIE+Y, which had a lineup of wellwishers so long that two nights of opening celebration were called for, stands a good chance of seeing its first birthday. Each of Glowbal Groups six restaurants has a devout following among Vancouver’s style-savvy, but behind the glitz and Italian crystal lies the recipe for the success of the brand: hard work.

“Really, we’re just a mom and pop organization,” says Shannon Bosa, who runs the family business with her husband Emad Yacoub. She says their shared passion is the driving force behind the success of their brand. Honest dedication translates into a genuine experience which, in the restaurant industry, is the “x” factor that determines success.

In short, Glowbal Group gets it.