VBOT Honours Craig Kielburger

President of Kingswood Properties Ltd. Lorne Segal and Craig Kielburger inspiring the next generation of activists

Proving that business attire in Vancouver DOESN”T mean a rumpled shirt and 5 o’clock shadow, Drs. Rosalie and Joseph Segal, O.B.C., with son Glen and the dashing Robert Lee, O.B.C.

Fresh faced and focused are Hilary Kilgour of Free the Children and student Laura Redies

Kenn Hamlin, Public Affairs Manager for Telus arrived looking bright eyed.

Executive Director for the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs Jill Earthy’s scarlet threads caught the eye of McLean Group VP John Grimble.

Zoltn Barabs of The Answer Company celebrates his purchase of 2 new goats.

Leader of Tomorrow Assif Khan follows the herd.

Children’s rights activist and syncdicated columnist Craig Kielburger was honored by the Vancouver’s Board of Trade on Thursday May 14th with a smart luncheon and hefty $10,000 contribution to his Free The Children Foundation.

As the youngest person to receive the Order of Canada, Kielburg has also been lauded by notable institutions such as the U.N/W.A.N.G.O, World Economic Forum, The Roosevelt Institute and Oprah Winfrey. Partnering with the latter’s Angel Network to make Free the Children a global initiative that has served to inspire over a million western youth to join the cause.

Normally, anything with the Harpo seal of approval gets auto-dumped into my out-box but the unbridled selflessness of the Keilburger campaign would soften the most hard-boiled of cynics. Myself included. Let’s face it, at age 12 my biggest concern was determining which Wakefield Twin I identified with most (Elizabeth, natch!). The packed crowd of high achievers were obviously humbled. ” I was scared to come, not knowing what my reaction to the subject matter might be” said affected guest Zoltan Barabas – Marketing rep for The Answer Company (and self proclaimed “raconteur”. Thanks Google).

The Kielburger message impressed board members enough to snatch up 908 of the foundation’s signature goats. At 50bux a head and the addition of the BoT’s donation that adds up to a lot of chevre.