What Did Your Parents Want You to Be?

Julio Montaner, John McKearney, and Jack Cuthbert on early aspirations and expectations.

Julio Montaner, Director, B.C. Centre for Excellence In HIV/AIDS 

“Anything but a doctor. I didn’t do very well in high school and my father felt that I was going to be an embarrassment. I thought it was a very good motivator. I really wanted to be a doctor and it added additional motivation for me to prove myself. I think it worked out well, for him and for me.”

John McKearney, Fire Chief, Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services

“My mother wanted me to be a priest. I grew up in a Catholic family and went to a Catholic school. My father’s focus was always more along paramilitary lines: fire, police. My uncle was in the fire service, so I visited the station and just had an affinity for the work and his way.”

Jack Cuthbert, Pilot, Harbour Air Ltd.

“Mom would say, ‘I don’t worry about what you do, as long as you’re happy. Maybe a ditch digger?’ Dad encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. They both supported me when I told them I was going to do what I love best: flying. Who would have thought their son would be a pilot? Way better than a ditch digger.”