What is the Worst Christmas Party Incident You’ve Seen?


LANCE MITCHELL, Medical Director, Victoria Surgery “An unnamed physician associated with the clinic was out dancing and was so drunk that he wiped out into a potted plant.” (Listen to Lance’s full story on Inquiring Minds: Podcast.) RYAN MARTIN, Managing Partner, Martin Hotel Group “When there is a staff party with pub workers, restaurant workers and nightclub workers, things can get a little crazy because these people are the ones who are always having to work. A couple years ago, I decided to have the staff party at the bowling alley to take it off our property. Two of the adults at the party who work quite closely together, a man and woman, might I add, began putting on quite a public display of affection, shall we say, right in front of everybody, which was very shocking.” DIRK BRINKMAN Founder and President, Brinkman and Associates Reforestation Ltd. “At the Christmas party at our Costa Rican operations, the crew had gathered for a pig roast, and one of the crazy challenges was that they greased a four-metre pole and put a prize on top and teams tried to get up the pole. After many piles and collapses, our Costa Rican manager Fred Schutter topped the pole and secured the prize, which looked like a great thing, but it was stuffed with white flour and burst open when he grabbed it. It was great for all our several hundred workers, who are very hard-working and in the working class in Costa Rica, to see their Canadian manager covered in flour.”