What Is Your Job Interview Curveball?

Emad Yacoub, James Stuart, Stacy Shields | BCBusiness

Emad Yacoub, James Stuart, and Stacy Shields divulge their unexpected job interview questions.

Emad Yacoub, President, Glowbal Restaurant Group

“I give them a scenario: you can manage a fish and chips stand with a lineup 24-7, or a five-diamond restaurant that does 25 covers a night. I want to see the entrepreneur in them, someone who is completely business-oriented; then we can work on all the other stuff.”

James Stuart, VP and General Manager, Bell Media Radio Vancouver

“What was the last movie you watched? I like to get an understanding of what they gravitate to in terms of entertainment. I’ve never not hired anybody because of that question, but it opens up a whole line of other questions that uncover their personality.”

Stacy Shields, VP of Human Resources, Pacific National Exhibition

“I ask people what their favourite ride in Playland is, and then whether or not they would be willing to do the interview on that ride. Some people think I’m serious and actually want to and other people look like they’re going to be ill.”