Whistler Cornucopia: Casino Royale

The golden Bond girls of Ric’s (from left): Jocelyn Connelly, Kelsey Martin and Georgie Jeffrey.

Amanda Betts and Kelly Leung of Rajnat Lease Finance get colour coordinated in purple.

Alex Helmel of Rara Terra and Vanessa Fors of Nextdoorstyle.com slip into something sophisticated for the Royale.

Three luxurious ladies (from left): Bree Lehto of Sabre Rentals, Brenda Bakker of brendabakker.com and Sija Halonen of Make-Up for Girls.

Alexandra Moulos and Nick McLaughlin of Players Chophouse take a night off to try their luck at the tables.

Teacher Alexandra McLean (l) gets a night out with her ladies Kim Stroshin and Ashley McGinn (r) of RMOW.

Jessica Bryans (l) of Bottle Jockey and Sarah Bliss of Ric’s Grill are beautifully dressed in black-tie attire.

Ladies (from left) Kathryn Hayashi of the Centre for Drug and Research Development, Tammy Darling of J & J Envision, Jillian Boxer of Boxer Capital and Cheryl Araki get a taste of the good life.

Liz Thomson (l) of Lisette’s Mobile Spa and Liz Beaupry of Malachite Studios were out in style.

Whistler’s resident Bond, Norm Bogner of 4 Refuel with his own Bond girl Kim Bogner.

Ladies out on the town (from left): Patricia Leslie of Whistler Sport Legacies, Shannon Story of RMOW, Jacquie Fitzpatrick of Ambius and Diane Mombourquette of Whistler Sport Legacies.

Richard Dremnan of Alpine Homecare and Wendy Goodridge of Zoll Medical perfect the fine art of double fisting.

The golden girls (from left): Sally Heath of Heine USA, Colleen Thomas of Mylan Pharmaceuticals and Lubisca Parilavkova of Evolio.

Tricia Stevens (l) of Lush and Brady Dahmer of Brady Dahmer Design.


Event: Whistler Cornucopia: Casino Royale
Venue: Ric’s Grill
Date: Nov. 12, 2010

The Casino Royale was the premier after party of Whistler’s Cornucopia celebration. Black tie. Lavish buffet. Casino tables. Vegas showgirls.

As I walked into Ric’s Grill it was as if I had entered the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. Scandalously clad showgirls offered flutes of champagne while live jazz music wafted through the air. In the next room impeccably dressed party goers flooded an overflowing dance floor. The outdoor heated tent showcased performing acrobats, blackjack and poker tables, and a buffet table piled with delectable canapes.

The sold-out event was the most elite party of the Cornucopia. Escape the freezing cold and enter Vegas.

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