30 Under 30: Arnav Mishra’s Dyne app connects foodies with restaurants (and each other)

Dyne users can download the free app to find new restaurants, events, discounts and people to connect with.

Arnav Mishra, 23

CEO, Dyne Technologies Inc.

Life Story: Originally from Odisha, India, Arnav Mishra began his entrepreneurial journey as a high schooler. He developed an idea-sharing platform similar to TEDx, where high school students could share their thoughts and start meaningful initiatives.

Fast-forward to 2018, when Mishra moved to Vancouver and started studying business technology management at UBC Sauder School of Business. As a self-proclaimed foodie, he spent much of his time outside of class exploring Vancouver’s restaurant scene. “No matter which country, religion or culture you come from, food is what connects us,” he says.

When the pandemic hit, this social outlet was taken away, and restaurants were struggling to survive. “I thought, what if I could help these restaurants grow their businesses and, at the same time, help people be able to eat meals together in a socially responsible way?”

Soon, he built a team and created what’s now Dyne—a platform that connects foodies with local restaurants and each other, all while also boosting the local economy. On the foodie side, users download the free Dyne app—which currently has over 30,000 users—to find new restaurants, events, discounts and people to connect with. For businesses, the platform integrates its AI assistant into the back-end of a restaurant’s operating system. The tool works behind the scenes to collect and analyze data, which then gives valu- able insights related to menu pricing, competitor tracking, staffing, inven- tory and branding so that the business can improve strategies and stand out in a competitive market.

Bottom Line: Dyne Technologies operates across five Canadian cities (Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto) and has over 700 clients and a team of 22 full-time employees—who are all under 25 years old. In five years, Mishra plans on entering the Asian and European markets.